Symposium for Diaspora Hellenes to Focus on Scientists' Role in Advancing Technology, Economy

CHICAGO May 13,2005 – Five substantive topics will be the core of Diaspora Symposium “Nostos, Scientists, Technology – A Vehicle for Economic Development in Hellas” that will be held in Chicago Saturday, June 11, at the Drake Hotel, Michigan and Walton.

Subject at the opening breakfast will be the potential for development of the Hellenic economy through the model that marries scientific innovation and investment under the title, “Ties that Bind – Hellenic Economy and Scientific Nostos.” It will be followed by panel discussions on conditions in Greece and how they can be improved, under the title, “Science in Hellas Today – Education/Research/Investment Opportunities;” what it takes to create conditions for opportunity and the role of the scientist in social progress under, “Fulfilling the Promise of Technology, Transitioning to Opportunity.”

The morning session will close with presentations from scientists who have personal experience in Hellas and representatives of countries that have experienced development through this model of advancement under the title, “How to Attract Diaspora Scientists and Successful Models From Around the World.” Finally, a keynote address during lunch exploring the “The Promise of the Hellenic State” will be followed by a review of Symposium recommendations. The Symposium, expected to conclude by 4 p.m., will be recorded and proceedings will be published.

The Symposium is co-sponsored by the United Hellenic American Congress (UHAC) and the World Council of Hellenes (SAE). Scientists who cannot attend the Symposium but wish to share their viewpoint, especially on the subject of returning to Hellas or of establishing links with Hellenic institutions and businesses, may do so through (click “Attention Scientists” and follow the links.) Interested parties may register online, too. The conference and discussion part of the Symposium are free.

The primary objective of the Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) is the unity of all 17 million Hellenes worldwide promoting thereby the meaning of Ecumenical Hellenism.

SAE operates as an independent NGO (non-governmental organization) of Hellenes abroad; it also serves as the exclusive official advisory body to the Hellenic Republic on all matters of interest to Hellenes in the Diaspora. The Council is the official entity through which an ongoing dialogue is being developed between the Diaspora and the Hellenic Republic. It also serves as an information center on various issues of interest to Hellenes living abroad.

With its headquarters in Thessaloniki, SAE seeks to strengthen the ties between the seven (7) million Hellenes abroad and the ten (10) million Hellenes in Greece.

For more information, visit the SAE website at or contact SAE directly: 360 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1109, Chicago, Illinois 60601; Tel: +1 (312) 357-6424; Fax: +1 (312) 357-0527; Email:

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