Invitation to Cultural Program Dedicated to Salamis, Cyprus
June 11, 2010 at Stathakion Cultural Center in Astoria

Cypreco and Stathakion Cultural Center cordially invite the public on Friday, June 11th at 8pm to attend a special, free event at the Cultural Center (22-51 29th Street, Astoria, NY 11105) to discover the rich history and culture of one of the most important ancient City Kingdoms of Cyprus: Salamis. Reservations are required to secure (call 718-545-1151 or email

This free public service event is presented by the cultural organization Cypreco of America, Inc. as part of its mission to promote and preserve the rich heritage and culture of Cyprus in America and more specifically the rich history, heritage and culture of the areas in the northern part of the island which are under threat of extinction due to the ongoing illegal Turkish occupation. This program is made possible in part by The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and private individuals. Media Sponsors of the program are Aktina FM and Aktina TV. For more information please call 718-545-1151 or visit


  • Screening of the documentary “Salamis, The Ancient City of Teucer of Telamon” by Elena Maroulleti, journalist, documentary maker and Executive Producer/Host of Aktina TV and Aktina FM.

  • Screening of excerpts of a documentary by filmmaker Paschalis Papapetrou highlighting the first excavations at Salamis between 1952-1974 by Dr. Vassos Karagiorgis, who was at the time the Director of the Cyprus Department of Antiquities.

  • Poetry recital by Polys Kyriacou, poet/lyricist.

  • Guest Speaker, the distinguished Prof. Stuart Swiny, Director of Cypriot Studies, University at Albany, NY. Topic: “The Importance of Salamis to Cypriot History and Culture.”


  • Guest Speaker: Stuart Swiny

    Stuart Swiny first visited Cyprus in 1969 to work on the Kyrenia Ship excavation and has never looked back! Later that year he dug for Claude Schaeffer at the great Late Bronze Age site of Enkomi and also participated in various rescue excavations in the Kyrenia area. The following year saw work at Kition for Vassos Karageorghis, and survey in the Dhali region for the University at Albany before heading to Iran as fellow of the British Institute of Persian Studies. Iran led to two years in Afghanistan running the British Institute of Afghan Studies. He and his wife Helena Wylde Swiny who is currently publishing the Kyrenia Ship excavations returned to the island in 1974 in order to excavate with James Carpenter a Middle Bronze Age site at Kalohorio Kalandrikas. This project was followed by excavations at the Middle and Late Bronze age site of Episkopi Phaneromeni from 1975 to 1978. Appointed as Director of the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute in 1980, he continued investigating the Early Bronze Age of southern Cyprus with the excavation of Sotira Kaminoudhia, the first settlement of this period to be scientifically investigated. The excavations were published in 2003 (Sotira Kaminoudhia is an Early Bronze Age Site in Cyprus). In 1995 he left CAARI to take up a teaching position and the directorship of the Institute of Cypriot Studies at the University at Albany. His work on the island continued with surveys and excavations, specifically at Kaminoudhia, where the past three seasons have produced interesting and unexpected results both on the function of certain areas of the site and the reason for the settlement's abandonment. He has edited several books and written many articles on different aspects of ancient Cyprus.

  • Documentary Filmmaker: Elena Maroulleti

    Elena Maroulleti is a very well established and recognized journalist/reporter and producer of news, special features programs, folk arts and cultural programs, and of original documentaries for television and radio. For over three decades, Ms.Maroulleti has utilized her professional journalistic experience for the benefit of the Greek Cypriot and Greek American communities. She is the founder and President of the two well-established and renowned Queens-based non-profit cultural organizations Aktina Productions, Inc., and Cypreco of America, Inc. On a volunteer basis she produces and hosts the highly rated programs Aktina FM since 1993 and Aktina TV since 2002. In addition, she volunteers her services as the Executive Producer/Director of Live Cultural Programs and Concerts for both Aktina Productions, Inc., and Cypreco of America, Inc. Ms. Maroulleti who has studied Journalism, TV/Radio Production and Public Relations at the FIT in NYC, has also studied and researched extensively Greek and Cypriot folklore. She further enhances her knowledge in these areas with frequent trips to Cyprus and Greece during which she interviews folklorists and elderly who provide her with valuable information on Cypriot and Greek customs, traditions, dances and music. During these trips she also films footage for the production of her original documentaries which are featured on Aktina TV and during live performances. Since 2000 she has produced over 20 documentaries highlighting the rich history, culture and folklore of several historical and ancient sites of Cyprus and Greece. Among these are documentaries with exclusive footage from the Turkish occupied areas in northern Cyprus which bring awareness on the tragic aftermath of the 1974 Turkish invasion. All of her works are produced in the English language as her purpose is to inform and enlighten the new generations of Greek Americans born and raised in this country and a wide and diverse audience. Some of her most celebrated documentaries include: “The Glorious City of Famagusta,” the five-part series, “To The Immortals..The Struggle of the Freedom Fighters of EOKA 1955-1959,” “The Old City of Nicosia,” “Kyrenia,” the two-part series, “The Neolithic Settlement of Chirokoitia,” “St. Nicholas, the Monastery of the Cats,” and “The Ancient Agora of Athens.”

(Posting date 30 May 2010)

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