March 25th Message of Dr. Olga Sarantopoulou

President of the Hellenic Society of Austria and World Secretary of SAE

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National Day Message of Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos
President of the Hellenic Society in Austria
World Secretary SAE
25 March 2007

“Dear Hellenes and Philhellenes around the world,

Today Hellenism celebrates our National Rebirth, honours the spirit, the struggle and the vision of the Heroes of 1821. It tributes memories of the most glorious page of modern Hellenic history, which initiated a new era for Hellas and Hellenes throughout the globe.

1821 constitutes a turning point to the European engagement of Hellas, which nowadays justifiably may see its position in the political, economic and cultural affairs of all Europe.

Today, the ecumenical identity of Hellenism unfolds over and through the golden pages of History and compels us to stay on the lines struggling and striving for Freedom, Unity, Progress and for ethical and social Wellbeing of our homeland (PATRIDA) and of each one of us individually.

Today’s joy grows more as we are celebrating along with our National Rebirth the Annunciation of Holy Mary Theotocos. Hellenism and Orthodoxy in true fact are pursuying the historical avenues in an internationalized society, where the values which firstly taught by the Hellenes remain more than ever fresh, valid and indispensable for the future of our nation in the international community of people.

The Hellenic Communities in Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the rest of the world are celebrating with patriotism this great and special day. All of us will attend the parades and we will find ourselves next to our new generation, which represents our hope for the future. Let us show and prove them that Hellas and Hellenism are always a perpetual light, a vigorous spirit guiding us with faith and vision, the same spirit, which guided the Heroes of the Revolution of 1821 to freedom.”

«Χώρει έφιππος, γενναίε Στρατηγέ –Κολοκοτρώνη- διδάσκων
τους λαούς ανά τους αιώνας πως οι δούλοι γίνονται ελεύθεροι.»

(Posting date 03 April 2007

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