Save The Dates and Be there!

--The Dates are Saturday & Sunday, May 22-23, 2004
--The Place is the Trump Marina, Atlantic City (Grand Cayman Ballroom)!
--The Event is The 13th Annual Hermes Expo International!

We are expecting you, your business associates and all of your friends to be there with us! Have fun and make it profitable too!

Dear Potential Exhibitor:

We once again would like to introduce you to the foremost Greek American business-related event, a highlight in the business world within the United States!

If you allow me only one minute of your valuable time, I'm ready to outline for your benefit, the accomplishments Hermes Expo International has realized in the 13 years of its life, demonstrate to you how you and I can improve your company's performance, and all this with your active participation in the Hermes Expo International 2004. The 2004 event is being held Saturday and Sunday, May 22-23, 2004, from 12-6 PM, at Atlantic City, NJ' s The Trump Marina Resort and Hotel.

Sponsored by the U.S.-Greece Business Advisory Council (made up of Philadelphia's World Trade Center, the Department of Commerce, City of Philadelphia, the CVM Companies, the Akropolis Marbles and Granite, the Kamaratos Enterprises, Inc., and American Express Financial Services,) Hermes Expo International strives to serve the world of business.

It is a unique networking and business development trade show and exhibition, specifically tailored to businesses that seek to reach the Greek Americans which amount to an
estimated 2.5 million people in North America, and all those US Companies that are doing business in Greece and the Greek Americans and other Ethnic markets within the US. The exhibition, held over the years in New York, Chicago and Atlantic City, attracts businesses and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries, all with the common goal: To expand their business reach into the highly desirable Greek and Greek American markets. Hermes Expo International is the largest event in the Greek American business world and as such, attracts the attention and interest of Governmental agencies the likes of Municipalities and Prefectures in Greece, City and State authorities here and trade offices across the USA.

In recent years we have been striving to attract and expand into other Ethnic Markets within the United States. Hermes Expo International has pioneered the gathering of businesses with products and services from the US, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, and nations of Eastern Europe. Over a span of thirteen years, the Exposition has made considerable impact in the areas of the Arts, the Humanities, Crafts of every nature, Banking and Finance, Tourism, as well as Food products and services. Likewise, we made inroads with Governmental and Municipality authorities in Greece, and Telecommunications.

In addition, it has created an exceptional record in:

--Promoting trade relations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

--Exploring investment and business opportunities internationally of all kinds,(i.e. the Athens 2004 Games, Deregulation of Essential Services being considered currently by both the US and Greece, and transmitting the latest information on the Euro and the likelihood of sound investment options for our clients.)

--Assisting local and international businesses in penetrating the American Ethnic market, primarily through the Greek American business community of 2.5 million people at the very least.

--Serving as a business event milestone for businesses seeking an expanded market to distribute their products or services.

--Introducing business people to an advanced network through business seminars and investment symposiums.

It also has accomplished:

--To emerge as a roster of targets and goals set forth by the Exposition as its motivational Force.

--To contribute to a healthy economic relationship between Greece, Cyprus, US. Canada and Eastern Europe through creating expanded trade and investment opportunities;

--To facilitate Greek American market penetration to companies interested predominantly in expanding their national, regional or local market reach;

--To create a business network capable of addressing the needs of all businesses seeking trade and/or investment opportunities between the broader economic markets of the European Union and North America.

But how can Hermes Expo International help you with your business endeavors? How can Hermes Expo International help your business grow?

Here are the answers:

By taking part in the 13th Hermes Expo International in 2004 as an exhibitor or sponsor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your products and services to an audience of thousands of qualified business people in the span of two days! Register for a booth now, and take advantage of our year-round networking events and around the country seminars structured with our business participants' needs in mind.

Join in on the marketing opportunities that Hermes Expo International makes available to registered exhibitors only. They include discounted advertising rates in the Hellenic News of America (a bilingual publication); prime advertising space in Hermes Expo promotional literature; participation in Hermes Expo direct mail and internet promotion campaigns and affordable print, TV and radio advertising.

Signing up for the next Hermes Expo International is as easy as 1-2-3!

Call us at 610-446-1463 to discuss your company's specific needs and discuss with us how you can gain maximum exposure through the Hermes Expo International. Networking and gain access to Hermes Expo International sponsored seminars, luncheons and networking events

Ask for a registration form or visit our web site at and download the form in PDF format.

Provide us with the requested form and payment information and fax a copy to our offices at: 610-446-3189.

After your registration application has been processed, you will become part of our business network and gain access to Hermes Expo International-sponsored seminars, luncheons and networking events.

We urge you to take advantage of this business opportunity at the earliest. Sign up for the next Hermes Expo International being held Saturday and Sunday, March 20-21, 2004 at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City, NJ. Remember, in order for you to gain maximum exposure you must act now, so your networking capabilities are maximized from the very start. Send us your profile at your earliest convenience and let us do the rest, which is, setting up appointments and meetings with prospective clients- (Method of Partenariat - See enclosed registration form for details and costs.)

For your information, we submit the price of the Silver package Sponsorship, which is $2,500.00, unless you decide to underwrite any particular event within the structure of the program.

You can download a registration form from the "How to Register for Hermes Expo" section of our web site.

Should you have any questions regarding Hermes Expo International or would like to discuss in detail ways in which Hermes Expo International can assist your company, please do not hesitate to contact us personally by phone at 610-446-1463 or via e-mail at the address

We are looking forward to seeing you on our ever-expanding networking team!

Paul Kotrotsios