Greek America Foundation Announces Two Full-Tuition Scholarships
for Study at American College of Greece

The Greek America Foundation is proud to announce two scholarship awards for full semester study at the American College of Greece in Athens for the 2010 Fall semester.

Although currently raising money for an endowment with a goal to send between 50 and 60 students annually, the foundation decided to implement the program immediately—especially after supporters donated over $25,000 during a spontaneous “cash call” at a recent event of the foundation.

The Greek America Foundation is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of Greek culture, history, heritage and ideals in contemporary America. In addition to an extensive series of programming and special events throughout the nation, the foundation has recently launched the Hellenic Legacy Scholarship Fund, to provide scholarships for semester-long study abroad programs at the American College of Greece, in Athens.

The study abroad scholarship is one of the core components of the mission of the Greek America Foundation. Study abroad in Greece provides an opportunity for a truly transformative experience during which time the student not only gets to know him/herself, but the relationship to Hellenism and Greece to the world around him/her.

The Greek America Foundation is looking for US or Canadian university students with a commitment to community building and leadership who wish to spend a semester abroad in Greece. The purpose of the Hellenic Legacy Scholarship is to foster a love for Greece and Hellenism in students who are passionate about making a difference in the world around them. Our scholarship is not just about your semester in Greece, but how Greece and Hellenic heritage inspires you to transform your community.

Unlike other, structured programs and guided academic tours, we are seeking an independent-minded student who wishes to immerse him/herself into the heart of an ancient capital city and an educational institution that is comprised of over 3,000 Greek and international students.

Although all coursework at the American College of Greece is conducted in English and the school provides a purely American campus experience, it is our hope that the student will immerse him/herself into Greece by getting to know the country, her people and her history and heritage.

The American College of Greece in Athens is the oldest and largest US-sponsored higher education institution in Europe. With a legacy of over 135 years of quality US education abroad, ACG provides students with the best of a US education that is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and the best of living in one of the world’s oldest cities and civilizations.

Jennifer R. Kellogg, a doctoral candidate in Modern Languages and Literatures at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium, has been appointed the Greek America Foundation’s program coordinator for the Hellenic Legacy scholarships.

She is the Onassis Foundation Lecturer of Modern Greek at the University of Missouri-St Louis where she teaches courses in the language and culture of Modern Greece and classical civilizations. For almost a decade Jennifer developed and administered scholarly programs and outreach events at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC, and was a founding member of their study abroad program in Greece where she continues to serve as a board member.

Jennifer holds a Masters degree in West European Studies from Indiana University. Her research interests include the cultural memory and identity of Asia Minor Greeks, the poetry of George Seferis, and the history of the Balkans.

Requirements are listed on the application document, available for download here. The Greek America Foundation ( is an organization dedicated to the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of Greek culture, history, heritage and ideals in contemporary America. Founder and and Director is Gregory C. Pappas of Chicago, Illinois. 910 West Van Buren Street • Suite 7SW • Chicago, Illinois 60607 • Tel. 312-733-4633 • Fax 866-651-7398

(Posting date 02 August 2010)

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