Ships of Mercy reveals the true heroes of Smyrna, forgotten by history. It is based on more than ten years of research by the Papoutsys who traveled around the globe to document the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Greek refugees on the Smyrna quay in September 1922. After more than a decade of preparation, this book uncovers surprising answers and displays previously unpublished materials. Vintage photographs, exhibits, naval war diaries and captains' logs appear for the first time in the pages of this volume. Ships of Mercy dispels common myths about the evacuation of the refugees'and documents clearly the real saviors in this enormous tragedy.

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Christos Papoutsy (Papoutsis) is a successful business executive, semi-retired now after a 35-year career as a global leader in the electronics industry. Born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, he is a second-generation Greek-American. During visits to his father's ancestral home on Mytilene he developed contacts with many Mikrasiates and began to research the Catastrophe of Smyrna.

Mr. Papoutsy is a business graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, with post-degree studies at Harvard University in law, mediation, and psychology. In 1961 he received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from his alma mater. An active philanthropist in his local community and international circles, he holds the title of Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Order of S1.Andrew the Apostle, among many other awards and distinctions.

He has lectured on business and business ethics at universities and institutions in Europe and the U.S., including Oxford
University and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce in Athens. In addition to his interest in business ethics, he has launched and manages Hellenic Communication Service at the URL, a not-for-profit news and information servicefor Greek communities.

Greek-language edition available late in 2008.

Author available for book presentations
and signings. Contact Mr. Papoutsy at
or 603-379-8140.

Publication date--January 1, 2008

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