The Smyrna Catastrophe:
85 Years
September 20 - 23, 2007
Maliotis Cultural Center

Photograph courtesy of the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy

Thursday, September 20

Nyfes 7:30 pm

Nyles, the 2004 award-winning Greek film, is directed by Pantel is Voulgaris and stars Victoria Haralabidou and Damian Lewis. Set in 1922, it tells the story of a mail-order bride, one of 700 sailing from Europe to the United States aboard the SS King Alexander, who falls in love with an American photographer. She, however, is bound for her new husband while he is on his way home to a failed marriage. In English and Greek. Reception to follow. $10

Friday, September 21

SMYRNE.. 8:00 pm

The world premiere of SMYRNE, a dramatic stage production with music, explores the themes of genocide and population displacement through the prism of the Asia Minor Catastrophe of 1922. Testimonies of survivors and stories of refugees are interwoven with the remarkable songs of the time. Constructed and directed by Yannis Simonides in collaboration with Grigoris Maninakis and the Microkosmos Ensemble. In English. Reception to follow.
$25 (advance purchase suggested)

Saturday, September 22

Coffee 9:00 am

Historical Presentation 9:30 am
A multi-media presentation by historian Angelos Athanasopoulos covers the politics and events in the aftermath of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. In English.
No charge

The Uprooting of the Asia Minor Greeks 1:30 pm
Archival film and photographs highlight an historical documentary produced by National Geographic. In Greek with English subtitles.
No charge

Dinner by Ithaki 6:00 pm
A seated dinner catered by Ithaki of Ipswich, Massachusetts (limited to 200 guests), features authentic Smyrnaean dishes.
$40 (reservations required by 9/14)

Meraklides in Concert 8:30 pm
Integrating traditional instruments of Asia Minor (including the kanounaki, politiki lyra and oud), Meraklides, a five-member ensemble of formally trained musicians and vocalists from the East and West Coasts, play together in concert for the first time. Receplion to follow.
$25 (advance purchase suggested)

Sunday, September 23

Memorial Service 9:30 am
Divine Liturgy at the Taxiarchae Church in Watertown, Massachusetts followed by a Memorial Service for the victims of the Smyrna Catastrophe.

Dance Workshop 2:00 pm
Renowned instructor Lazaros Hatzipanagiotou of Athens leads a three-hour workshop on Smyrnean dances. Organized by the Boston Lykeion Ellinidon. At the Taxiarchae Church in Watertown, Massachusetts. All levels of dancers welcome.

Special Exhibits

Hellenic Parliament
Towards a New Homeland, 1922: From Asia Minor to Greece, a display of 60 photographs excerpted from a recent exhibit at the Hellenic Parliament is presented for the first time outside Greece. In cooperation with the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy, and the Press and Communication Office of the Consulate General of Greece in Boston.

Hellenic College Bookstore
The Hellenic College Bookstore features books on the Catastrophe of 1922 and Asia Minor Greeks for sale and perusal.

Tickets and information: 617.522.2800,

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