U.S. Diplomatic Personnel Submit Partial List of
Persons Safe and Evacuated after Smyrna Catastrophe

Submitted by Stavros T. Stavridis

On 21 September 1922, Admiral Bristol cabled the State Department the following names of persons safe at the American Consulate.
A few of the names appear to be Hellenic. All were evacuated to Salonica and eventually to New York. These persons seem to have received direct assistance from the American Consulate during the Catastrophe, unlike the majority of the hundreds of thousands of refugees from Smyrna, Pontus and Asia Minor who were evacuated to the Greek mainland follwing the Catastrophe. Names clearly of Greek origin printed below in red are the emphasis of HCS and do not reflect the monochromatic font in the microfilmed copy of the original document. Hellenic families with ties to Smyrna may wish to review the red-colored names in the event that there may be information helpful in compiling a family history.

Griswold (no given name supplied)
Archbell, J.E.
Rogers and Dortch of tobacco companies
Cateiugakis, Paul and wife and 3 children
Speropoulo, Polycarp
Eskenazi, Morris
Baltazzi, Theodore and wife and sister-in-law and mother-in-law
Caloyannis, Theodore
Bassallel, Isaac

On 23 September 1922, Admiral Bristol cabled the State Department that the following persons had been evacuated safely from Smyrna to Salonica:

Galantzollu, Constantine and family of seven
Ladopoulos, (no given name supplied) and wife
Catentegakis, Paul and family of four
Baltazzi, Theodore and wife
Speropoulo, (no given name supplied)
Tsucli, Cohen and family of six
Yenneau and family of two
Levy, (no given name supplied)

Bristol added on 23 September 1922 that the following persons were known to be at Smyrna, apparently a more detailed accounting of his earlier cable:

Birge, J. Kingsley
Caldwell, S.
Jennings, E. C.
Reed, Cass,
Jacob, E. O.
Moreman, Raymond
Trueblood, Furness
Lawrence, Caleb
Blackler, Miss (no given name supplied)
Archbell, J. E.
Dortch, William
Yantis, Edward
Rogers, E. P.
Griswodl, Chester
Hulse, G. D.
Schellens, Mr. (no given name supplied)
Gregory, Mr. (no given name supplied)
Park, J. L.
Cathouros, Sarantis G.
Bassaloel, Isaac
Callyannis, Theodore

According to the diplomatic correspondence by cable, it appears that the evacuees eventually were transferred to a transatlantic vessel heading for New York.

Researcher Stavros T. Stavridis uncovered these documents and forwarded copies of them to HCS for readers pursuing ancestral research. For more information about Mr. Stavridis or the fine articles about Asia Minor which he has written, please see the section of our site listing his articles.

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