WilliamSpyropoulos PTADance Honors Past Presidents

byCatherine Tsounis

Anastasia Vrettos with past presidents
Lena Varis (left to right), Tony Barsamian,
Maureen Papalas and Demetrios
Tassopoulos (sitting)

PTA presidents reflect their generation of parents. The William Spyropoulos PTA of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of Flushing, New York honored their past presidents on Friday, April 28th. The 29th Anniversary Dinner Dance was held at Terrace on the Park. Over three hundred persons attended. The Mistresses of ceremonies were Karen Kalkanis, PTA president and Anastasia Vrettos. Entertainment was by the Trojans. The 7th and 8th grade William Spyropoulos School dancers performed traditional Greek Dances. The protopresbyter of St. Nicholas Church is Very Rev. Paul Palesty. Mrs. Atherna Kromidas is principal of the William Spyropoulos School.

"Tonight we honor all our PTA presidents whose love for their Hellenic ethos and Orthodox ideals enabled them to lay the foundation on which our PTA stands on today," said Mrs. Karen Kalkanis, 2006 PTA president. "We acknowledge the contributions of the following PTA presidents in the order of which they served:

Mr. Demetrios Tassopoulos; Mrs. Theodora Leperides; Mrs. Sultana Frazis; Mr. Steven Boutis; Mrs. Stella Papageorgiou; Mrs. Kathy Marinos; Mr. John Tsolis; Mrs. Athena Beltecas; Mrs. Cele Ioannou; Mrs. Makella Kavvadas-Garris; Mr. George Sarafoglou; Mrs. Maureen Papalas; Mr. Tony Barsamian and Mrs. Lena Varis."

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Pavlou (sitting) of the Greek Children's Fund, Lena Varis (standing left to right), Phillip and Demetra Varis at the dinner dance.

"Let us not overlook one important fact, behind every president was a team who assisted in making their task easier," said Mrs. Lena Varis, former PTA president from 2002-2004. "I am humbly grateful for this wonderful honor this evening. I share this honor and the credit with my dynamic team, my officers, Executive Board and friends. We all gave our best. I convey my heartfelt gratitude to the members of my PTA for allowing me to serve my church, my Community and the Children of the William Spyropoulos School of St. Nicholas."

The PTA president must build upon the foundation laid down in the past. Every decision must be based on that foundation and should strengthen the organization and ensure the progress of our children. We have given the office our all, even though we have at times found that we must put our own children and families on hold as we pursue the greater good. Our devotion to our children's school inspires us to stay the course and soldier on." All the presidents questioned, argued and expected quality education. Today, William Spyropoulos School is one of the finest parochial schools in the United States.

Two PTA Presidents: Lena Varis
and Tony Barsamian

Very Rev. Paul Palesty (center) with Larry Hatzoglou (left), president of the parish council and Archon Stephen Cherpelis (right) at the dance

(Posting date 15 May 2006)

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