Stavridis Appointed NATO Supreme Commander

NATO's Defence Planning Committee has agreed to the requests from President Barack H. Obama to release General Bantz J. Craddock, United States Army from his responsibilities as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and to appoint Admiral James G. Stavridis, United States Navy to succeed General Craddock as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.

The committee agreed with great regret to release General Craddock from his assignment as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. They expressed to General Craddock, in the name of the NATO governments, lasting gratitude for his distinguished service.

Admiral Stavridis is currently serving as Commander, United States Southern Command. In addition to the NATO position, he has also been nominated by President Obama to be the Commander, United States European Command. With the advice and consent of the United States Senate, the President will reappoint him to the grade of Admiral while serving in both positions.

(Posting date 22 May 2009)

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