Outdoor Amphitheater Under Construction inLesvos

St. Nicholas Park, Vatoussa, enters next phase of development

(HCS) Officials of the Christos and MaryPapoutsy Vatoussa Revitalization Foundation announced that theSt.Nicholas Park construction has entered its second phase. Following completion of retaining walls and graded roads, construction of the multi-tiered outdoor amphitheater has begun.

Master craftsmen, Kostas Imbrush (far left),
Menelas Kupe (second from left), and Spyros Kupe
(second from right), pose with Christos Papoutsy
(center) and supervisor VyronMichalakellis (far right).

Masons work on tiers of the amphitheater (above),
while Master Mason Menelas Kupe demonstrates
his technique for Christos Papoutsy (below, right)

Master masons from Lesvos and Albania are undertaking this enormous public-works project, which is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2007. The amphitheater, with a planned 300-person capacity, is being constructed of local stone, in keeping with the traditional nature and architecture of Vatoussa. Masons have been hand-hewing the rock to achieve the desired architectural effect that is so characteristic of the village, a national historic landmark.

Officials expect phase three to begin in the spring. Trees and ornamental bushes will be planted throughout the park. Fountains, lighting, sidewalks and a wrought-iron gate will complete the finishing details. County officials, who have lent their support to this project, have granted permission for water and electricity lines to the park, and also set aside public funds to assist with street lighting.

During the final stage of the development, St.Nicholas chapel itself will receive structural renovation and cosmetic repairs.

The park has been a favorite destination for local folks for generations. Village elders recall many a walk along paths or the local road to the area around the chapel. Residents remain excited about the enhanced accessibility of the park and its beautification. When completed, the park will offer them a place for outdoor functions and assemblies.

Plans are underway now for a series of inaugural activities to which the public are warmly welcome.Details will be announced in Vatoussa and through Hellenic Communication Service.

Graded access road and retaining wall
with local stones at St. Nicholas Chapel Park

(Posting date 24September 2006

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