Hellenic Communication Service recently conducted a qualitative survey of Greek businessmen and residents, questioning retirees, small business owners, employees in the hospitality industry, and cab drivers. The results were surprising: the average Greek citizen does not appear to understand fully the significant negative or positive effects that currency fluctuations can have on a country's economy. Yet, all interviewees appeared keenly observant and interested in learning more about overall economic conditions and the effects of globalized commerce. For this reason, HCS predicts that the spirit of the Greek citizen -- to pnevma ton Ellinon -- a kind of traditional business savvy, will surely prevail, with Greece continuing to remain one of themost valuable members of the EU's southeastern flank.

Moreover, a stable climate, natural beauty, and traditional sense of hospitality, will undoubtedly offset much of the projected negative impact of currency fluctuations on the tourism and hospitality industries in Greece.

The globalized commercial economy is extremely competitive, complex and volatile.
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(Posting Date June 2003)

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