A Call for Talambekos Mandolinata Recordings

One of the granddaughters of an original member of the Talambekos Mandolinata, Thomas Soffron, is getting married this fall. Having no recordings of her grandfather's music, she has asked Hellenic Communication Service for assistance in locating an old recording so that she could play one of the numbers at her wedding. In the 1940s and 50s the orchestra traveled to New York City and made a number of recordings. If any HCS viewers possess such a recording and would be willing to assist Andrea Soffron, please contact HCS at helleniccomserve@papcoholdings.org.

For those viewers who are unacquainted with this orchestra, it was one of the premier musical groups in northern New England. Several years ago the Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society elected this group to its Greek Musical Hall of Fame. HCS viewers can read more about Talambekos Mandolinata in the music section of our archives at http://helleniccomserve.com/talambekos.html.

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