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Write Letter of Support for Cemetery ofPhilip Tedro, "Hi Jolly," inArizona

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Dear Hellenic Communication Service Readers,

I have read the article on your website bySteve Frangos regarding Philip Tedro, and I found it to be a very comprehensive history of what is known about Philip Tedro's life. Prior to this year, the Quartzsite Cemetery was managed by the Quartzsite Improvement Association, a non-profit organization.They felt that they could no longer manage the cemetery and asked that the town of Quartzsite take over the responsibility for it.As you know, the Hi Jolly Monument is in the Pioneer Section of the cemetery.As part of this new responsibility, the Town has formed a municipal cemetery board, known as theHi JollyCemetery Board, to direct and manage this historic site.Because the monument is in the pioneer section of the cemetery, the Board is committed to improving the cemetery and celebrating its history.The Museum also has supported this effort with a new exhibit.Quartzsite is on the threshold of growth and it is important that its growth honors its history. The monument is not only significant to the area of Quartzsite but to the state of Arizona as part of the Camel Corps of the 1850's.The significant history of this coutnry is mostly from the pioneer spirit of its immigrants, and Philip Tedro was unique in his contributions to history.

I recently submitted an application to the State Historic Preservation Office for thHi Jolly Monument to be recognized on the State and NationalHistoric Registers.If the monument is registered, we are able to apply for funding for upkeep and improvement of the site and its rurroundings. SHPO recently sent a letter stating the Board was unable to reach a decision regarding the monument and had referred the matter to the Historic Sites Review Committee. They have invited written comments in support of listing the monument on the State and National Historic Registers.I believe this registration would lend weight to the historic achievements of Philip Tedro and his impact on the history of the American West.I am therefore requesting a letter of support from you for this project.The HSRCmeets to review the Hi JollyMonument status on November 17. If it would be possible to have a letter of support before that date, it would be most helpful.Thank you for considering this request.

Alex Taft,Assistant TownManager

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Historic Sites Review Committee
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Town of Quartzsite
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POBox 2812
Quartzsite,AZ 85346

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Historic Sites Review Committee
c/o Alex Taft,Assistant TownManager

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Historic Sites Review Committee
c/o Alex Taft,Assistant TownManager
Town of Quartzsite

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(Posting date 29 October 2006)

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