Tolly Kizilos

Apostolos P. (Tolly) Kizilos holds advanced degrees from M.I.T. and the University of Iowa. Before he retired, he was director of Organization Development for a large corporation.

Tolly Kizilos is now an Adjunct Professor of Management at the University of St. Thomas, in Minneapolis, and devotes his energies to teaching, consulting, writing on religious themes and the explication of Orthodoxy to non-Orthodox Christians. Among his other works are a number of books and articles, including: Decision at Golgotha, Once Upon a Corporation: Leadership Insights from Short Stories, Dwarf's Legacy, and Tradition and Change: Concerns for Today's Greek Orthodox Church of America, God and the Problem of Evil: Socratic Dialogues on Theodicy, "The Church and the Patriarch's Charter," "The Christian's Responsibility on Global Warming Issues," "Christianity and the Political Process: A Review by Tolly Kizilos of Wogaman's Christian Perspectives on Politics."

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