Traveling on Lesvos with a New Outlook

At a time when the tourist industry has encroached upon places that were once remote, what makes a difference in travel is one's perspective, the traveler's openness, curiosity and sensitivity toward anything that meets the eye. Tzeli Hadzidimitriou, a photographer and author ofthe guide "Unexplored Lesvos," recently published in Greek by Road editions (, has the enthusiasm of a sophisticated traveler, the experience of one who is well traveled, the sensitivity of an artist and the knowledge of a well-read researcher.

In her book, she takes the reader along routes that stretch across the island of

The Athanassiadeio traditional coffee shop in Plomari

Mytilene and makes both the less explored and more touristic parts of the island glow with the magic of the newly discovered.

The 900-page guide is written in a flowing, warm style that keeps the wealth of
information that fills the book from seeming heavy or academic. Hadzidimitriou's fondness for every corner of the island - the artist was born and raised on Mytilene - comes across yet there is no sense of any bias, only a sophisticated, positive outlook.

The book's first section includes an all-encompassing study of the island's history, art, cultural and architectural landmarks, nature and folk tradition. Off-the-beat­en-track routes for hikers are presented in a separate chapter. The rest of the book includes a large number of itineraries that begin from one of the five major towns on Mytilene, each heading in a different direction. Practical info and useful tips are also included, while the photographs were taken by Hadzidimitriou herself.

Hadzidimitriou has dedicated the book to "the lonely travelers that have not tired of dreaming." Her book is a warm companion for the lonely traveler and an encouragement to keep dreaming.


(Posting date 2006)

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