Greek Art and Culture Transmitted at Spring Art Exhibition and Sale
by Catherine Tsounis

The artists with George Iliopoulos, (10th from left) Greece's Consul General in New York, and his staff.
All photos courtesy of author.

The Greek Artists Guild held their Spring Art Exhibition & Sale on Saturday and Sunday, April 25th and 26th at the Stathakion Center of the Federation of Hellenic Societies of New York at 22-51 29th St., Astoria. George Iliopoulos, Greece's Consul General in New York, and his staff attended. Artists who displayed their work included: Magdalen Mavroudis, president; Efterpi Iatraki, vice-president; Maria Theofanoudis, secretary; Matina Botoulas; Marianthi Raptis; Irene Tsiaris and Leonidas Gelalis.

The Greek Artists Guild is an organization with a purpose: to unite, help and promote Greek artists in their artistic aspirations in the artistic scene of New York. All Greek artists are welcome to join.

“Our goal is to create a Greek museum,” explained President Magdalen Mavroudis. “We want Greek art and culture transmitted to the next generation. We are ready to help with every aspect of a Greek museum in New York. We thank the Federation of Greek Societies and members of the Greek Artists guild for working hard to prepare this Art show.”

Peter Bougadis displaying Irene Tsiaris’ works.

Marianthi Raptis with her daughter Peggy by her art works.

Magdalen Mavroudis and her art.

Efterpi Iatraki’s art.

(Posting date 19 May 2015)

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