GreekAmericanHomeowners Association of Astoria and
Philanthropist GeorgeFakiris Give Scholarships, Establish
Chair inByzantine Studies

"We came to this country with nothing. We did something. We have to give back to persons not as lucky as us," believes George Alexiou, Greek-American Homeowners Association (G.A.H.O.A.) outgoing President. "Many persons work hard and live honorable lives and do not succeed. Fate determines one's life. When I needed help, no one helped me. I want to make life easier for our students and give them opportunities that were not given to me in my youth."

Peter Stathatos, George
with Prof.Tsounis
The Greek American Homeowners Association of Astoria is the second largest organization of its kind in New York State, after the Rent Stabilization Association. The organization was founded thirty years ago by Dennis Syntilas, who was president for seven years. Their activism has improved the quality of life in their community. They work with the 114 Police Precinct and local politicians. Outgoing President George Alexiou, who will be succeeded by George Kitsios, has devoted twelve years of his life for the betterment of his community. There is another unique achievement of this growing, dynamic organization: their unique college.
On Wednesday, January 3rd, the G.A.H.O.A. along with George Fakiris, a philanthropist, granted $4,500 in scholarships to Queens College and St. John's University students and $6,000 for the establishment of a Queens College Chair for Byzantine Studies at their Annual Vasilopita. Dr. Christos Ioannides, Director of the Byzantine Studies Center, accepted the $3,000 from G.A.H.O.A. and $3,000 from Mr. Fakiris. The 2007 college scholars received $250 from the organization and $250 from Mr. Fakiris. In addition, the book Gates of Fire by StevenPressfield, based on the Battle of Thermopylae, was given to each scholar. Prof. Catherine Tsounis and Dr. John G. Siolas are the instructors of the St. John's University Modern Greek Language and Literature Program.

Scholarship Winners

Nicholas Angelopoulos
Eleni Christoforou (Queens College)
Alexandra Gialaboukis
Maryanne Karahalis
Diamanto Ktenas
Louis Marinos (St. John's)
Iirene Nysiriou
Vanessa Petrakis
Irene Zouroudis

The 2007 Greek American Homeowners Association scholars

"Congratulations on your academic achievement," said George Kitsios. "You are outstanding students with exceptional abilities. The Greek-American Homeowners Association and Mr. George Fakiris are attempting to perpetuate the Hellenic language and culture through symbolic scholarships. Our organization has been awarding scholarships to St. John's University students since April 2002. We have seen your Modern Greek Program expand to include students of all backgrounds who appreciate Hellenism. We are committed to perpetuating the Modern Greek Language and Culture in America."

Mr. Kitsios concluded the scholarship presentation by stating each scholar "displays all aspects of being a strong student and a good citizen of St. John's University, Queens College and the Community of New York City," and wished them all success on their future projects.

Scholar Diamanto Ktenas
holding a flier to Learn
Modern Greek

Scholar Alexandra Gialaboukis presenting an
Appreciation Award to outgoing president
George Alexiou

(Posting date 14 January 2007)

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