Festival Appreciation Luncheon at
Transfiguration Church of Mattituck

By Catherine Tsounis

The Transfiguration Church in Mattituck, N.Y., held a free luncheon for the community on Sunday, August 20th, on the church grounds after church services. Greek cuisine was served as a way of showing appreciation for everyone's assistance. Two hundred persons attended. Prominent Southold Town political leaders attending included: Mrs.Elizabeth Neville, Southold Town Clerk; Bob Neville, chairman of the Southold Republican Party; Bob Ghosio, Jr., 2006 Republican Southold Town Trustee candidate and Mrs. Ghosio.
"We came here today to offer our help to the community," said Town clerk Mrs. Neville. "I am in charge of the Town records, permits and documentation. My e-mail is e.neville@town.southold.ny.us." A special thank you is extended to Mrs. Neville and her assistant Stacey Norklun for producing records and information of the newly published book, The Transfiguration of Christ Church, Mattituck, New York, 1969-2006.

Candidate Bob Ghosio Jr. says that he "knows about conservation and will protect the waterways, wetlands and town creeks." He encourages all to e-mail him for information at www.bobforsoutholdtrustee.com.

Mrs.Elizabeth Neville, Southold Town Clerk;
(standing from left to right), Mrs. Ghosio,
Bob Ghosio, Jr., 2006 Republican Southold
Town Trustee candidate and Bob Neville,
Chairman of the Southold Republican Party
with the ladies of the community.

(Posting date 28 August 2006)

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