Hermes Expo International & SAE Honor Greek American Educators

by Catherine Tsounis

The 2011 Hermes Expo International and SAE (World Council of Hellenes Abroad) USA honoured elite educators and philanthropists of the Prometheus Greek Teacher Association. The awards were given at the magnificent Hermes Expo International Gala, April 3rd evening at the Tropicana Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Honoured persons included: Dr. George Melikokis; Fotini Mantzini; Adriana Filiotis, Tzoi Petratos; Christina Tetanis; Anna Megaris; Timoleon Kokkinos; Demosthenis Triantafillou and Daniella Makris. Dr. George Drogaris, an internationally prominent supporter of Hermes Expo International, was honoured for his unique contribution to Greek language education.

Honorees: Dr. George Melikokis; Adriana Filiotis; Timoleon
Kokkinos: Fotini Mantzini;, Tzoi Petratos; Christina Tetanis;
Anna Megaris and Daniella Makris. Dr. George Drogaris

Mrs Stella Kokolis, international philanthropist/educator/community activist was Mistress of Ceremonies assisted by Dr. Vasiliki (Vasia) Filiotis, President of the Prometheus Greek Educators Association. Both educators have been supporting the Greek language education presence at Hermes Expo international with unique dedication.

Three outstanding Queens, New York educators were among those honoured. Ms. Adriana Filiotis, Board member of the Prometheus Greek Teachers Association, was recognized for her unselfish work to aid all levels of society in their quest for Greek knowledge in Astoria. The educator is Principal of St. Irene’s Chrysovalantou School that has educated students who have taken their place in society as prominent businessmen and professionals. She was graduated from Queens College with a B.A. and M.S. in Education.

The Honorees: Dr. George Melikokis
and Adriana Filiotis.

Mrs Stella Kokolis (left to right), international philanthropist,
educator, community activist was Mistress of Ceremonies
assisted by Dr. Vasiliki (Vasia) Filiotis, President of the
Prometheus Greek Educators Association.
Dr. George Melikokis explained his deep appreciation of being selected by saying “the greater the honor, the shorter the speech.” He is the principal of St. Demetrios School, Jamaica, N.Y. He was awarded his Ph.D. from New York University. “We have a good school we have good results,” he explained. “Eighth-graders go to the high school of their choice, either public or parochial.” Educator Timoleon Kokkinos received the second award. Kokkinos has worked for the Community of St. Demetrios Astoria, first as a Greek teacher in the Elementary and Junior High Schools, and later as Head of the Greek Department of the Elementary School. He currently serves as Principal of the St. Demetrios Afternoon School, a position he has held since 1996. All three educators have been honored at the Capitol in Washington D.C. for their contribution to Greek language education.

George Zerbas, an educator in the Greece Department of Education Overseas Program, said “I was impressed with the Hermes Expo International’s trade and education exhibits. Mr. George and Catherine Zerbas, Georgia Filiotis, United Nations diplomat, Dr. and Mrs. George Constantinou were part of the Prometheus Society delegation.

(Posting date 23 September 2011

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