Syllogos Evritanon "To Karpenisi" Awards
8th Annual St. John's Scholarship

by Catherine Tsounis

“We want our youth to remember we are part of their extended family,” said president Fanis Tsiamtsouris of the Syllogos Evritanon "To Karpenisi." “This symbolic scholarship to a St. John’s University student who excels in the study of Modern Greek language is our eighth award since 2000. Our youth are maturing in an America that is now being attacked at home. They must have the secure knowledge that our Greek community will nurture, protect and help them prosper. We will protect our young who will carry on our Greek culture, language and Greek Orthodox religion into the 21st century.”

The unique St. John’s University award was granted to Christina Constantinou, on Sunday, March 25th at Mythos Restaurant in Flushing, New York. Members from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut attended. 2007 Elections were held. The new Board includes: Aleka Tsinias, President; Eleni Kontogiannis, 1st Vice President; Apostolos Katsanos, 2nd Vice President; Maria Vartholomeos, General secretary; Nick Tavantzis, Assistant Secretary; Aspasia Tsiamtsouris, Treasurer, and other prominent Greek-Americans.

Syllogos Evritanon “To Karpenisi” is a vibrant organization of young immigrant families from the heart of Central Greece that was part of the original Greece of 1821. They have always been at the core of battle for freedom from the time of ancient Greece to our modern era. Their trademark is a rugged, determined purpose. Their miraculous icon of the Panayia Prousiotissa sustained their religious faith through the turmoil of W.W.II and the Greek Civil War that destroyed their families and homes. They were reborn. The Evrytanon Karpenisiotes are prominent in mainstream America.

(Photo above right: Christina Constantinou, St. John’s University student, receives the 2007 Syllogos Evritanon "To Karpenisi" award from President Fanis Tsiamtsouris.)

The Society is not wealthy with an established cultural center. They meet at different catering establishments and church halls. Their purpose is to bring all Greeks together without economic profit. “We do not want to acquire money,” said newly elected president Aleka Tsinias. “We want to attract persons and grow as an organization. We support the Modern Greek Language and Literature Program at St. John’s University that is unfunded and depends on community support to prosper. We give this annual scholarship to encourage middle-class students to take Modern Greek.”

Constantine Katsanos, former President and Public Relations Chairperson, was instrumental in originating this scholarship in 2000 through the suggestion of archon Stephen Cherpelis. Mr. Katsanos’ enthusiasm is the primary reason for securing support for a St. John’s Modern Greek scholarship. “We are with the St. John’s Modern Greek Language and Literature Program,” he said. “We have granted $4,000-awards to students since 2000.” For more information, visit the official Greek site at [edd: in Greek] or

Newly elected 2007 Board of Directors of the Syllogos Evritanon "To Karpenisi"

Katsanos brothers: Konstantinos and
Apostolos, pioneers in Hellenism

(Posting date 29 April 2007

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