The Legacy of the Late Achilles "Archie" Mavromatis

ByCatherine Tsounis

The one year memorial for community activist, Achilles "Archie" Mavromatis was held on Sunday, May 7th at St. Demetrios Church in Astoria, New York. A memorial dinner followed at Mythos restaurant in Flushing.

Lena Varis, Executive Director of HYPE (Hellenic Youth in Professional endeavors), remembers Archie Mavromatis' work, dedication to community projects and events. "His love for children was evident," said Mrs. Varis. "Raising money for children with cancer became a priority. Aiding The Greek Children's Fund with the event "Greek Night at Shea" and most recently the "Annual Sports Auction" became his main focus. This tireless man came up with one more new project: an Annual Golf Outing. Archie wanted the community to come together, have fun, and raise money for the benefit of assisting the needs of Greek, Cypriot and Greek-American children suffering from cancer. He originated the idea for a Golf project two years ago. He passed away last May, from cancer. Archie never had the opportunity to see this project take place.

Achilles "Archie" Mavromatis and his wife, Mary, a few months
before passing away from his heroic struggle with cancer.

"This September his idea for a community Golf Outing Project will be realized," explained Mrs. Varis. "Mr. Nick Pavlou (Board member of The Greek Children's Fund) and I have organized this event. Archie's many wonderful friends and sponsors have aided us, making the event to his fine work. We are giving the event the rightful name it deserves: The Achilles 'Archie' Mavromatis Memorial Golf Classic."

"Please join us as we help make Archie's project a reality. This is our way of saying thank you to a man who gave so much from his heart."--Lena Varis,Executive Director of Hellenic Youth inProfessional Endeavors

The golf outing will be held on Monday afternoon, 1 p.m., on September 18th, at the Clearview Golf Course at 20212 Willets Point Blvd, Flushing. For more information, contact Mrs. Varis, at 917 359-5363 or email

"We invite all to take part in this memorable event," explained Lena, as she is known to her friends. "The purpose is to help children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses. Please join us as we help make Archie's project a reality. This is our way of saying thank you to a man who gave so much from his heart."

(Posting date 14 August 2006

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