A Philhellene at Work: Senator Frank Padavan

by Catherine Tsounis

Phil-Hellenism created the Modern Greek Nation. Phil-Hellenes have assisted unconnected, hardworking, intelligent persons of Greek origins for generations. Senator Frank Padavan, a Republican, whose popularity crosses all political parties, has been in power for several decades. His popularity lies in his fairness, humility and kindness to all who seek his help, without any strings He is the only Republican representative in the Democratic stronghold of northeastern Queens, New York City. His assistance to the Greek-American communities in his district is legendary. He helps with a smile.

"Whether it is for our youth and senior programs or our annual festival, Frank's wise counsel and loyal support, is something we can always depend on," said Larry Hotzoglou, president of the parish council of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of Flushing. "He is our neighbor in Albany, fighting for the same things we believe in: the best possible education for our children, safer streets and lower taxes. St. Nicholas parish and the Greek-American community of Northeast Queens have a true friend in Senator Frank Padavan."

Sen. Frank Padavan with Catherine Tsounis,
adjunct instructor of the Modern Greek
Language and Literature Program of
St. John's University for the first annual
Evening of Greek Culture and Cuisine

"Senator Padavan has always been there to help the Greek-American Community in Whitestone," said Rev. Nikolaos Retselas, Pastor, of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church. "My experiences with Senator Padavan extend over twenty years in the political and education fields. In the late 1980's, the PTA of William Spyropoulos School was attempting to secure a federal grant for education. Senator Padavan was the only elected official to personally speak on our behalf continuously. His daughter, Allison, attended girl scout events at St. Nicholas Church. When our community around Benjamin Cardozo High School attempted to establish Modern Greek as a language, he supported our cause. He is a believer in a strong police presence in our neighborhood. His support of police safety issues, helped to stabilize the neighborhood."

"I am a Roman," said State Senator Frank Padavan. "We conquered Greece, but she achieved the ultimate revenge: her civilization conquered us." This insightful statement was made at our first annual Evening of Greek Culture and Cuisine at St. John's University on October 14, 2005. His keynote address described his understanding of the similar Roman/Hellenic heritage that is the basis of western civilization. Most recently, the senior citizen center at St. Nicholas Church lost its funding from the City Council. "Senator Padavan put in his budget an emergency $5,000 grant to aid our elderly," said Venita Lorras, Senior Citizens Group Coordinator. Phil-Hellene Senator Frank Padavan, as well as other Phil-Hellenic politicians, such as Congressman Gary Ackerman, Assemblyman Mark Weprin and City Councilman David Weprin, has helped us live in New York City with the best quality of life. For further information on Senator Frank Padavan, visit his website at http://frankpadavan.com.

(Posting date 05 November 2006)

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