George Siamboulis Supports 2007 Hermes Expo

by Catherine Tsounis

“Paul Kotrotsios is a man dedicated to the cause of Hellenism. He is energetic and goes to every event of the Omogenia (community) to help with his expertise,” said George Siamboulis, President of Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Inc. “Paul is always trying to aid organizations to grow and expand. His know-how, public relations manner is legendary. We've known each other a long time.”

Pan Gregorian Enterprises Inc. shows support for philanthropic causes. It is a 750-member association of New Jersey diner owners. Its charitable activities are legendary. Their donations have eased the suffering of children with serious diseases. George Siamboulis, an immigrant from Karpenisi, Greece and a member of Evrytanon Amerikis “To Karpenisi” is a world-class community leader with a pleasant smile.

“We know Paul Kotrotsios has helped the restaurant industry in America. His loyalty does not go unnoticed. We support his Hermes Expo every year. I have attended many times in New York City, Chicago and Atlantic City to see what new Greek products he is importing from every region of Greece. Axios [He is a (worthy) person] ! Paul manages to cut through the red tape of Greek beaurecracy and feature a spectacular Expo, showing there is a new Greece of the 21st century. “

George Siamboulis, Pres.
of Pan Gregorian Enterprises Inc.
“We sample all the different products every year,” remarked Mr. Siamboulis. “Every year there is a new list of imported foods from Thessaly, Crete, Thessalonica and other regions. Many of us have sampled certain products for the first time at a Hermes Expo. Evey year it is different and exciting. This is due to Paul Kotrotsios. Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Inc. and its members are anticipating with enthusiasm the 2007 Hermes Expo.” For more information visit

(Posting date 30 April 2007

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