Queens Residents Enjoy St. Nicholas Festival

by Catherine Tsounis

The highlight of the 2006 fall season is the spectacular St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Festival of Flushing, New York. The event was held from Thursday, October 5th through 8th. The St. Nicholas Festival continues to offer the best to the Queens community. Greek and Cypriot cuisine was barbecued on the spot. Fried honey balls were served hot. Home made Greek pastries were offered to the public. The flea market is one of the best in the metropolitan area. Unique oil paintings of Greek landscapes were offered at low minimal prices. Vendors of various products attracted everyone's attention. Games thrilled children who won stuffed dolls. An extraordinary raffle, including a new car, was offered. There was something to catch the attention of all ages.

The 111th Police Precinct established the best in police security. In the wake of three deadly, national school killings in one week, calm and peace presided. The community has completed a multi-million dollar school expansion project. Police sources indicated that crowd control was present in police lines at 196th St. and Northern Blvd. A main throughway, pedestrian and traffic flow was controlled. The NYPD secured an area where only officials from St. Nicholas Church and members of the press were allowed.

Sen. Padavan with Mrs. Preponis,
Mr. and Mrs. Kostas Roumbos and parishioner
Every major politician of New York City attended. State Senator Frank Padavan of the 11th District, a Republican who has bi-partisan support in a Democratic city, has been attending for over twenty-five years. "My chief of staff in Albany is John Gorgis, who has been with me for thirty-two years," said Senator Padavan. He secured a five thousand dollar grant for the Senior Citizens Center of St. Nicholas Church. David Weprin, City Councilman from Queens, allocated from his budget a $5,000 grant to the youth program of the parish.

Sen. Padavan with the Ladies of the
Philoptochos chapter of St. Nicholas Church.

The fabulous success of the 2006 Festival reflects the dedicated effort of the middle class parishioners. Hardworking blue and white collar volunteers prepared and cleaned the facilities after completing a full day at work. Their zeal and dedication is extraordinary. Financial sacrifice of the parishioners, for the ideal of Hellenism, is unique. They are the unseen and unheard entity that is never portrayed in the mass media. Their support made the remarkable Festival and church/school expansion a reality.

(Posting date 05 November 2006)

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