Turkish Response to Stadler?

[Edd: caveat to viewers--photo and speech contain vulgarity inappropriate for family viewing.]

(HCS)--Recently, Turkish diplomats criticized European leaders on several issues, bringing to a head strained relationships over Turkey's stalled bid for membership in the EU. Austrian MP Ewald Stadler returned fire, blasting the Turkish ambassador to Austria for his charges against the Austrians. Amid much parliamentary applause, Stadler delivered a fiery rebuke to the Turks, calling for the immediate dismissal of the Turkish ambassador. Shortly afterward, a member of the Turkish parliament answered Stadler, his response covered by Turkish news outlets and also posted to the Internet.

Response from Turkey [as reported by BUGUN

Good evening, viewers. This is the news of 18:00. We have important news from a PM of the Turkish parlement [sic] replying to the so called ‘Ewald Statler’ the Austrian PM who recently has been accusing Turkey of many crimes.

Dear Ewald Statler, shut the fuck up! What are talking about? Let’s state some facts about Austria. First, to you remember who Josef Fritzl is? Do you? He was an insane Austrian guy who began sexually abusing his 11-year-old daughter and he has locked her 26 years long in his basement. His daughter gave birth to 7 children whose father was at the same time their grandfather. This sick Austrian man locked his daughter and children 26 years long in his basement. They never saw the outside world. Fritzl had also seven other children from his wife, who is the mother of his daughter. Second, let us not forget another crazy Austrian, yes you all know him very good. It’s Adolf Hitler, he too was an Austrian, the man who was responsible for the death of tens of millions of people. So, Ewald Statler, shut the fuck up and Armenians do NOT make make me come over there. [continuous uproar and shouting in the Turkish parliament chamber].

Read entire text of speech by Stadler

(Posting date 28 January 2011)

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