Assumption Church Now Under Construction

At last, after two years of planning, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church will build its new Byzantine-style church in Dracut, at 1160 Mammoth Road near the intersection with Lakeview Avenue.

The Assumption Church was originally located on Butterfield Street in the Acre of Lowell, an historic district that became the home of many Greek immigrants coming to this country to build a new life. The church was founded in October 1964, taking up its home in a former Protestant church building nestled in the heart of the Acre neighborhood.

Two years ago, on April 25, 1999, a devastating fire struck the building and all was lost. All that remained was hope, symbolized by the icon of the Virgin Mary and her Son above the altar who miraculously survived the
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blaze and looked lovingly down on firemen and parishioners as the church crumbled. She was, perhaps, a little smoky and charred around the edges. Also, surviving the disaster, was the church's icon, the Dormition (Assumption) icon, now housed in the tiny chapel in Dracut where the community now worships.

The first step in rebuilding has begun. This month has witnessed the first hopeful step. Two small houses were located on the Dracut property purchased by the community for building. The small white house was removed on Sep 13, 2001 so that construction could begin. This event heralded the exciting start of a whole new beginning for Assumption Church. (The community continues to meet in the small red house to the side of the property.)

Send contributions to:
Assumption Virgin Mary Church Rebuilding Fund
1160 Mammoth Road,
Dracut MA 01826
Our church will be a landmark in the town of Dracut true to the traditions of our Holy Orthodox Church while embodying quality construction and technology so that the end result will be a source of inspiration and pride, a lasting tribute to the continuity of the Orthodox Faith and our faithful past, present and future.

As we move ahead, we deeply appreciate your support of the past and look forward to your dedicated support to fulfill your sacred duty in the building of a long lasting tribute to our Faith in a Church, God's Temple, creating heaven on earth for now and generations to come.

We have initiated a fund-raising campaign of approximately $800,000, a challenging goal. The plan we have implemented includes a pledge campaign by our members, donations from major benefactors, support of the Greek cultural community, and the contribution of you, our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Any donations are gratefully appreciated. We pray that the Lord will bless your generosity and kindness.

Please send contributions to:
Assumption Virgin Mary Church Rebuilding Fund
1160 Mammoth Road
Dracut, MA 01826

Please include your name and address. Donations are Tax Deductible and receipts will be sent to you.
For further information please call 978-957-6051 (Church Office)

God Bless You,
Parish Priest: Rev. George Karahalios, Board of Directors and Parish Council

[edd--Emmanuel Flaris of the Assumption community sent an update on 26 July 2005 to Hellenic Communication Service on the location of the new church and the  URL of the community's web pages:

Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Greek Orthodox Church
1160 Mammoth Rd.
Dracut, MA 01826