Vassilios Filiotis Scholarship Awarded to SJU Student

“His life was simple, dedicated in helping others. We, the Filiotis sisters dedicate this five hundred dollar scholarship in his Memory to St. John’s University student (SJU) Valerie Sotiriou,” said Vassiliki Filiotis at the recent SJU POA Modern Greek Language Honor Society installation. On May 5th in Bent Hall. “Vassilios or Bill as his friends called him, aided in the establishment of the Chair of Modern Greek Studies at Rudger’s University, New Jersey. He aided in the writing of a book on Alexander the Great with Dr. O’Brien of the History department of Queens College,” Said Ms. Filiotis.

Ms. Filiotis presenting a scholarship
“In Memory of Vassilios Bill Filiotis”
to SJU student Valerie Sotiriou as
Dr. John G. Siolas looks on.

“He was concerned with the preservation of the Greek language, culture and new technological advances that he worked on with university professors,” she continued. “His sisters, Vassiliki, Georgia, Adriana of the Patriararchal Schools of St. Irene Chrysovalantou Monastery in Astoria give this award to an outstanding Honors Rolls scholar. Miss Valerie Soteriou exemplifies the best of our university students studying the Modern Greek Language and Culture.” For more information, contact Ms. Vassiliki Filiotis at

Alexandra Tsinias Scholarship Awarded to Elizabeth Stylianou

Elizabeth Stylianou, a Dean’s List scholar Roll St. John’s University student, was awarded the 2009 “Alexandra Tsinias Scholarship” at the May 5th POA Modern Greek Language Honor Society installation in Bent Hall. Mrs. Tsinia is a community activist, member of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Philoptohos and President of the Evrytanon Amerikis “To Karpenisi” Society. SJU student Stylianou is an outstanding scholar and of Cypriot descent.

Elizabeth Stylianou, the 2009
Alexandra Tsinias Scholarship winner

2009 Theodore Spyropoulos Scholarship Awarded to Agatha Catechis
Athanasia “Nancy” Biska recently presented the 2009 Theodore Spyropoulos scholarship of five hundred dollars to Agatha Catechis of Whitestone, New York. Miss Catechis is on the Dean’s List. She is a Modern Greek Language minor. Ms. Catechis is involved in community service at St. John’s University and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. The award was announced by Ms. Biska at the May 5th POA Modern Greek Language Honor Society installation in Bent Hall of St. John’s University.

Agatha Catechis, of whitestone, New York,
is the recipient of the 2009 Theodore
Spyropoulos Scholarship

(Posting date 22 June 2009)

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