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Some Europeans Learn Nothing From History--An Opinion Pieceby Basil Venitis

We have all witnessed the collapse of communism and the misery of socialism. We are absolutely sure,beyond any doubt, that communism is hell and socialism is cancer. In spite of this fact, there are some communist Europeans and many socialist Europeans who have not learned their lessons. All suddenly, recent history has vanished in a memory black hole! Less than 5% of Europeans are communists, but they are very vocal, very polemic, and big liars. However, there are many European socialists. Many eurocommies and eurosocialists try to promote antiamericanism, anticapitalism, antisemitism, and atheism with big lies and distortion of facts. They warp history, in order to present Europeans as victims of Americans. In reality, the opposite is true. Americans have saved Europeans many times from communism, nazism, civil wars, and hunger. Many Americans gave their lives for the liberty of Europe. Americans are always by the side of Europeans with love, support, understanding, compassion, and knowhow.

The Greek parliament has four parties, three socialist and one communist. Just think about it, the cradle of democracy does not have a single libertarian party! The two ruling socialist parties, Pasok and Nea Demokratia, have transformed the cradle of democracy to the grave of democracy! Democracy is Greece has been transformed to a familyocracy of butterbabies. These butterbabies cannot govern at all, and they lead Greece to the cliff. The Greek parliament has been transformed to a whorehouse. 300 minotaurs suck the blood of Greeks with the largest indirect taxes on Earth, an astronomical public debt, and political corruption beyond imagination.

Basil Venitis
Libertarian Politician of B' Athens

Basil Venitis maintains a free syndicated Greek column at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/capitalismforum on political affairs in Greece. He is a self-styled libertarian, running for office in Greece as a minority candidate, a member of a new party called LAOS. One of the major positions of his platform was a global tax revolt. For more information about him, visit his column and webpages on Yahoo or contact him directly at 68 Achilles Str., Palio Phalerum, Greece, +210-9840422, vasiliosvenitis@yahoo.com.

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