GOYA Volleyball League of the Metropolis District ofNew York
"10 Years of Growth, Achievement, Understanding, & Fellowship"

HCS-- By all accounts, this sports league has achieved remarkable success. After one decade of practices, games, tournaments and banquets, theGOYA Volleyball League boasts "over 200 players in. . .[its] program with 24 teams from 12 Greek Orthodox communites," according to Chris Varthalamis. The league's success, he relates, is due to the enormous number of volunteers, over 1000, who plan, oversee, and participate in the activities. And that doesn't include the 22 coaches, and over 30 GOYA advisors!

This season just concluded with the annual awards banquet, hosted this year by the Port Jefferson (NY) community, following the final game of the league tournament on 6 May 2006. League champions were Greenlawn Girls' team of St.Paraskevi and Port Jefferson Boys of Assumption.In addition to the league championship cup award, there were division winners, all-star teams, individual team awards, and MVP honors.

Division winners for the three divisions, NYC, Nassau, and Suffolk were as follows:

Nassau Division--(Boys) Hicksville (HolyTrinity), (Girls) Hempstead (St.Paul)
NYCDivision--(Boys) Brooklyn (Three Hierarchs), (Girls) Brooklyn (Three Hierarchs)
Suffolk Division--(Boys) Port Jefferson (Assumption), (Girls) Greenlawn (St.Paraskevi)

Among those players for 2006 All-Stars were

Tania Belesis (Hicksville),
AriBoundoukis (Brooklyn),
Christina Brower (Babylon),
Stavros Calakos (Brooklyn),
Charlie Constantine (Greenlawn),
Gus Coutis (Port Jefferson),
Katherine Cummings (StatenIsland),
ChrisDoumas (Astoria),
Nektar Drivas (Hempstead),
YanniGaryFallis (Hempstead),
SherryGarafano (Brooklyn),
VickyGialis (Hicksville),
Stephanie Kaimis (Greenlawn),
YanniKarodakis (Merrick),
Dina Kelly (Brooklyn),
KathyKokkosis (Greenlawn),
TonniAnne Marinucci(Hempstead),
Chris Marangoudakis (Roslyn),
DeanMarangoudakis (Roslyn),
George Mingor (Hicksville),
Greg Mooney (Greenlawn),
Arlene Pappas (Roslyn).
Christina Petroutsas (Babylon),
EleniPsaltis (Hempstead),
VasoSirgoutsis (Merric,),
Peter Stathakos (Port Jefferson),
Alexis Tsibros (StatenIsland),
Ariadne Tzoumas (Roslyn),
Georgia Vasilakos (Greenlawn),
Peter Vasiliedis (Astoria),
Tommy Vlahos (Hicksville),
EleniXenophondos (Merrick),
George Zarbatis (Merrick),

Chris Karanicolas, Zoe Psaltis, Gus Kokkosis,DannyContopoulos, and JohnMIchael served as coaches for the All-Stars.

(Posting date 4 June 2006)

Photos reprinted with permission from Chris Varthalamis.

For more information about the GOYAVolleyball League of theMetropolis District of NY, visit the organization's website at the URL http://goyavbl.tripod.com/ .

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