Youth of Dafnonas Society Gives Historic Grant to SJU Greek Club

A historic grant of $500 was given by the "Youth of Dafnonas Society", Chios to the Greek Club of St. John's University. The grant was presented by Markella Mallas, President of the Youth of Dafnonas Society, to Greek Club President Constantine Gurlakis and his Executive Board on Thursday, October 1st before a standing room only membership. "The St. John's University Greek Club/Hellenic Society is an amazing club," said President Mallas. "It keeps the Greek community connected in St. John's University. In an effort to help keep this club alive, the "Youth of Dafnonas", Chios Society proudly donates $500 to the St. John's University Greek Club/Hellenic Society. We hope to keep our youth connected by expressing Greek Pride.

These funds will be used to spread Hellenic culture and causes across our campus. Greek-American students across our campus can rest assured that our Executive Board will try its best to ensure Sr. John’s remains a friend to the Hellenic youth and Hellenic ideals that have

Greek Club President Constantine Gurlakis (L to R)
receiving grant of $500 from Markella Mallas
(2nd from left), President of the “Youth of
Dafnonas” Society as Maria Catechis (VP),
Alexandra Foukalas (secretary)
and Alex Giannikas (Public Relations) look on.

fueled thought for centuries. Donations such as Ms. Markella Mallas’ Youth of Dafnonas Society will only help our cause. For that reason, she will have our eternal thanks of the St. John’s Greek Club.”

Dafnonas is a picturesque Chian village on the slopes of Mount “Kakia Skala, overlooking Kampochora and the coast of Ionia (Asia Minor, Anatolia). The village was named after dafnes (laurels). Tradition states that the village comes from an old settlement at Petrana, at Kanavoutsata or at Lavrina. It was transferred to its present location, at the end of the 10th and beginning of 11th century. The town has the churches of St. Panteleimon, patron saint and St. George. Medieval ruins showing signs of the Genoese occupation predominate in the town. For more information, email and .

The Greek Club of St. John’s University

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(Posting date 8 October 2009)

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