This bimonthly publication about Mani is a fine magazine about the news, culture and history of southern Lakonia. In each issue there are several lengthy feature articles, local news, cultural items, recipes, photos of Mani, and much more. Detailed listings of the contents of recent issues appear on the website of the magazine (in Greek), along with information about mail-order subscriptions, locations in Greece where copies can be purchased, and background about the publishers themselves.

Read about Mani magazine (in English) in a section specially prepared in English by HCS.

Read a concise background of the publishers translated into English by HCS.

Read HCS translations of two articles from Mani: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Lighthouse of Kitries; "A Brief History of the Balteas Family from Stavropigi of Exo Mani and Messinia, to Varousi in Lakonia."

Read about latest publication of Adouloti Mani publishing house: A Picture Bible of Mani. A Review by HCS