About Mani Magazine

Donald George McPhail and George Dimakogiannis are the publishers of this bimonthly publication about Mani, a fine magazine about the news, culture and history of southern Lakonia. In each issue there are several lengthy feature articles, local news, cultural items, recipes, photos of Mani, and much more. Detailed listings of the contents of recent issues produced by Adouloti Mani Publishing House appear on the website of the magazine, along with information about mail-order subscriptions, locations where copies can be purchased, and background about the publishers themselves. For the convenience of HCS readers, we present some of this information below in English, including a sample listing of the contents of one issue from May-June 2004, and have reproduced a subscription order form in English which readers can print out, complete, and send to the publishers. Payment may be remitted by credit card--very helpful for subscribers from abroad.

About the Publishers

Donald George McPhail

Donald George McPhail was born in Scotland to a Scottish father and a Greek mother from Mani. After his family moved to Greece during his youth, McPhail continued his education in Greece. He attended university there. Together with his wife, Lily Vasilakou of Lygerea in Lower Mani, he is the proud father of two daughters.

His colleague and co-publisher, George Dimakogiannis, describes him as level-headed with many talents and interests,
a man successful in community and professional affairs, a man supremely worthy in many respects. According to Mr. Dimakogiannis, McPhail deserves a "round of standing applause from all Maniates" for his efforts on behalf of Mani.

He has offered much of himself to his beloved Mani, beginning with the publishing of a
fine newspaper, Kapetan Zacharias, in 1995. His community has benefited from his active involvement: he was the founder and president of the association of Lygerea which worked actively for roads, telephone service, cultural centers, and studies for the town.
His successful promotion of Lygerea was only one of the many projects on which he generously expended his time and resources.

George Dimakogiannis

A patriot through and through, George Dimakogiannis was born in
Zouda of Eastern Inner Mani to humble parents. Although Zouda is a small settlement of few inhabitants, it offered the Dimakogiannis family
a wonderful traditional Greek rural home, one which raised scientists
and other well-educated young people.

At a young age Dimakogiannis began his own remarkable periodical, Adouloti Mani, a forerunner of other future successful ventures. He later opened a well-known bookstore by the same name in Areopolis, a regional hub for Maniot cultural and historical activities. Together with Donald George McPhail, he has become the co-owner and publisher of the popular magazine titled, Mani: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

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A Brief History of the Balteas Family from Stavropigi
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