Sample Listing of Contents of a
2004 Issue of Mani Magazine

Volume 16, May-June 2004

Photos of Mani Today, p4

Photos of Mani, Yesterday, p 6

Footpaths of Inner Mani, p 8

A Gold Medal Goes to the Dimos of Gytheio, p16

A Book Presentation [Mani Antihisis ke Pragmaton Ipostasis], p18

Interview with Poet Theodore Tavoularis, p20

Kriti-Mani, p21

Theodore Gourdourakos, p38

Evgenia Barbayianni, p.44

You're Invited to Dinner, p52

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HCS translation of Mani magazine article, "The Lighthouse of Kitries"

HCS translation of Mani magazine article, "A Brief History of the Balteas Family from
Stavropigi of Exo Mani and Messinia, to Varousi in Lakonia."

HCS review of A Picture Bible of Mani, a picture album recently produced by the
publishers of Mani magazine.