Hellenic Communication Service was established by Christos and Mary Papoutsy in 1998 as a free service for Hellenic communities, made possible through a grant from the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation, one of whose chief goals is to strengthen the globalization of Hellenism through communication and participation.

Mission Statement

The mission of Hellenic Communication Service
is to bring Greek-Americans and Greeks of the diaspora all the information they need about Hellenic events, news, and activities, while advancing Hellenism into the information age. Visitors to the site can find news stories about important developments in Greece and the Hellenic diaspora, as well as community news. The site offers feature stories on a variety of topics, ranging from business and genealogy to culture and the arts. Editorials address timely topics of concern to the Greek-American community as a whole.

Code of Ethics

In the American system, our media is an essential source of information that is at the heart of a free society. This critical role endows the media with its own power, which, when used irresponsibly, can threaten a free society. Journalists everywhere have a vital role in providing the public with knowledge and understanding. As we practice our craft in a global world that is both technologically and geographically changing, systematic standards must be established to guide our work and mission to serve society in an ethically responsible and constructive fashion.

Hellenic Communication Service is pleased to put forth its own Code of Ethics to stand for the journalistic values of honesty, courage, fairness, balance, independence, and credibility.
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 Publishers Christos and Mary Papoutsy

A major philanthropist, Christos Papoutsy has formed a number of charitable foundations. At present, Mr. Papoutsy serves as a partner in a venture capital business and occasionally delivers lectures from his series, the Horatio Alger Lecture Series: The Business Plan. His business philosophy is that only by participating do we earn the right to profit from our business ventures, endeavors, and risks.

Mary Papoutsy's teaching experience includes both secondary- and collegiate-level instruction in Greek and Latin. She has been active in professional organizations, and has presented papers abroad. She believes that the Classics form the core of every proper education and provide the best possible linguistic foundation for higher education. She has also founded the Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Assocation which promotes interest in Hellenic ancestry, offers support for genealogical research, and conducts free lectures and workshops throughout the nation on Hellenic genealogy.

Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy believe that personal participation must be the cornerstone of all of their endeavors. In leadership positions, they have generously given of their time, talent, and resources while actively chairing numerous committees. As great benefactors, the Papoutsys undertook leadership roles in such worthy projects as the planning and completion of the multi-million dollar Greek Orthodox Diocesan Center in Brookline, Massachusetts; the major renovation of the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire; the Alumni center of Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire;the St. Methodius Faith Heritage Center and Retreat for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston, and recently constructed community centers and renovated facilities of a number of Greek Orthodox churches throughout New England.
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The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation

This foundation was established by Mr. and Mrs. Papoutsy in the 1990's to support Hellenism, Greek Orthodoxy, and Hellenic culture. Its directors meet annually to review and select projects that fall within the purview of its mission. In the decennial period 1995-2005, it funded a number of significant projects: the establishment of Hellenic Communication Service; national workshops, lectures, and research by Hellenic Historical and Genealogical Association; the establishment of Papco World Publishing; the endowment of the John C. Rouman Classical Lecture Series at the University of New Hampshire; the Papoutsy Lecture Series in Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
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Site Authors and Contributors

Hellenic Communication Service is honored to list as contributing authors a number of scholars and organizations located throughout the world. These distinguished authors offer articles on a wide variety of topics of interest to visitors. To read about them and their works, click here.

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