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Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta

An American Idol

Atlanta Metropolis Goya Lenten Retreat 17-19 March 2006 in Georgia

Atlanta Metropolis GOYA Winter Event 2006 "Work Out With God"--14 through 16 January 2006

Attention Parents: Archdiocese Lists Resources Dealing with Internet, Healthy Sexuality, and Pornography

Bus Transportation and Toll-free Number Available to Help Ease Traffic Expected for Centennial Epiphany Celebration--Celebration Details Update

Catechetical Teacher Training Seminar & Workshop--Metropolis of Atlanta--18 Mar 2006

Church Advises Proactive Approach for Parents: Simple Steps to Protect Children from Cell-Phone Pornography

Coming to America: Stories of Greek Immigrants and American Authors' Weekend at the Annunciation Cathedral of Atlanta--29-30 October 2005

Deacon Spiro Bobotas, Producer of Come Receive the Light National Orthodox Christian Radio Program, to Be Ordained

Exciting Winter Youth Rally Scheduled 27-30 December 2005 by Atlanta Metropolis

Greek Landing Day Celebration 2006--St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine--St. Augustine, FL--June 23-25

Greek Landing Weekend a Huge Success

Groundbreaking Ceremonies for OCMC's Missionary Training and Administrative Support Center

Holy Trinity Church of Greater Orlando, Florida, Sponsors Retreat at Eustis--18-20 November 2005

The Marrying Kind

Metropolis of Atlanta Announces Patriarchal Forum with Youth During Upcoming Patriarchal Visit to Florida

Metropolis of Atlanta Announces Registration Open for St. Stephen's Camp 2010

Metropolis of Atlanta Announces Weekend Retreat for High School Seniors in 2006

Metropolis of Atlanta Sponsors June Retreat for Graduating Seniors

Metropolis of Atlanta Youth Event Master Calendar 2005-2006

Metropolis of Atlanta 2006-2007 Youth Event Master Calendar

Nashville's 2006 YAL Conference-14-17 July 2006

National Altar Boy Retreat

National Orthodox Church Choirs' Conference--16-19 July 2006, Nashville, TN

Orthodox Marriage Encounter Weekend--Metropolis of Atlanta--Diakonia Retreat Center, Salem, SC--March 3-5, 2006

Patriarchal Visit to Tarpon Springs, FL, Epiphany 2006

Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace

St. Stephen's Summer Camp Registration Forms 2006--Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta

2005 Saint Stephen's Summer Camp

Working with Orthodox Youth in a Postmodern World

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