The Trio Bel Canto has been entertaining and thrilling audiences since the early 1950s. They achieved #1 status as recording and performing artists, gaining worldwide recognition throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s on 6 continents. The Trio has appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and played at Carnegie Hall 3 times, as well as at the Lincoln Center, the Manhattan Center and hundreds of concert venues -- making them a household word to practially EVERY Greek home in the world. Dozens of albums have been recorded by this premier Greek band.

Being the most famous and acclaimed musical group ever to establish residency in the United States, their reputation for quality and their celebrated repertoire have made the "Trio" the most sought-after Greek band for public and private Greek/American events. Their lush 3 part vocal harmonies are their trademark. Having two "bouzoukis" (traditional Greek instruments) playing harmonies and a rich acoustic guitar make up the core of the "Trio." The rhythm section consists of bass and drums.

Founding member and lead singer/2nd bouzouki player Evangelos Metaxas is the leader and living legend of this fine Trio. His son Kyriakos Metaxas sings 1st and 2nd part harmonies and plays lead bouzouki. Avram Pengas sings 3rd part harmonies and plays lead bouzouki. Thanos Jeoney (of Albany), who has been with the "Trio" for 20 years, plays bass. Steve Diantgikis (of Boston) completes this ensemble on drums.

All in all, the TRIO BEL CANTO/Next Generation continues to be the most sought-after Greek band in the U.S. For all who have seen and heard them, it is an experience that will not be forgotten.

Evangelos Metaxas, vocals, bouzouki
Kyriakos Metaxas, vocals, bouzouki
Avram Pengas, vocals, bouzouki
Thanos Jeony, bass
Steve Diantgikis, drums