Athens, Skopje Called to Decide

ATHENS and Skopje are closer than they have been in 13 years to renegotiating the name dispute that divides them. On February 20 United Nations mediator Matthew Nimetz handed them a brief proposal, which was published in Athens newspaper To Virna the following day, sparking off a political row
in Athens. According to the leaked report, the authenticity of which has neither been confirmed nor denied, five name alternatives have been proposed: Constitutional Republic of Macedonia, Democratic Republic of Macedonia, Independent Republic of Macedonia, New Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Upper Macedonia. The document leaves open the possibility of alternative proposals. It also leaves open the possibility of a dual-use regime, in which the temporarily named Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia could retain the right to use an abbreviated name in bilateral relations, but never the word Macedonia on its own.

(Posting Date 29 February 2008)

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