Alexander the Great -- Sui Generis

Nicephorus Bryennius and Anna Comnena: The "Roman" Xenophon and Thucydides of Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Constantinople

The Historic Boston Cathedral: Reliving 100 Years

An Invitation from Athena

The Atmeidan or Hippodrome -- in Constantinople

Kandylakia: Roadside Shrines to Lives Lost and Saved

Greek-American Athlete Combines Bodybuilding, Philosophy

Recent Charter Updates

OCL Issues Statement on SCOBA Meeting Cancellation - Laments Church Dispute

A CONFESSION: An Interview with Spyridon, Former Archbishop of America

Rifts among Orthodox Hierarchs Demonstrate Urgent Need for a World-Wide Pan-Orthodox Synod

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: Fragmented

The Church and the Patriarch's Charter

Patriarchate Denies US Church Autonomy

OCL Statement on Release of Proposed Charter

New Charter Granted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate: Unity Affirmed?

New Charter for the Archdiocese Granted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Iakovos Says Charter Is New Beginning for Church of America

Humorous endings. . .My Big Fat Greek Church Family

Can’t you see it? In addition to a set of Kittel and a big fat Greek lexicon, seminary bookstores will son be stocking economy-size bottles of Windex. Windex? Yep. If you can believe Hollywood, Windex may be what every pastor needs.

Great Lent

Where does your treasure lie? That question is on little Lucy’s mind in a Charlie Brown comic strip. She says to Charlie Brown, “I have a lot of questions about life, and I’m not getting any answers! I want some real honest-to-goodness answers. I don’t want a lot of opinions, I want answers!” To which Charlie Brown replies, “Would true or false be all right?”

Crete Wins International Olive Oil Competition for Second Consecutive Year

Sitia, Crete – a region of significant archeological sites, great beaches and exquisite olive oil. For over four millennia, olive oil has been produced in this region and was even exchanged for precious objects along the ancient trade routes.*
Greeks: Nuts About Nuts!

I wanted to begin this piece by stating that there are, well, plenty of nuts, especially in kitchens!

Really, the use of nuts permeates Greek cuisine. In fact, nuts have been part of the Greek diet for eons. They are used most widely in sweets, but also are found in many a savory dish, from sauces to stuffed rice dishes to pies  By Diane Kochilas

The Cure is in Oregano!! "Rigani"

Our yiayiades and papoudes knew the benefits of oregano when centuries ago they began adding the magical herb oregano to almost all of their main meals. Its name derived from the ancient Greek word meaning, "joy of the mountains" (or "oreganum vulgarie" in Latin), oregano once grew on the hills and mountainsides of Greece and other Mediterranean countries. By Christos Papoutsy

Pilgrimage to Mt. Athos

Beyond our beautiful sea-shores, our green or sunburned sites, the museums, our archeological and historical places, past our congested cities and our picturesque villages there is a piece of virgin Greek land that is bathed by the Aegean sea. This piece of land is historically and traditionally tied with the distant Orthodox Byzantium, remaining untouched by today's modern cultures. By Christos Stavrokoglou

The Euro: Will It Unify Europe?

The European Central Bank has officially launched the new euro single currency. On March 1, traditional currencies such as the franc, the mark, and the lire and the peseta will cease to be legal tender and be abolished. By Christos Papoutsy

A Safety Problem at Spata?

Although the new Venizelos Airport at Spata has been presented to the public as a modern, technological marvel, there are some disquieting questions related to safety that mar this illusion. It is subject to windshear and crosswinds, particularly on approach 03 (from the south) where the surrounding terrain magnifies winds and barrels them over the approach path. By Andrew Leech

Greece Flies to New Heights

Europe's newest international airport, "Eleftherios Venizelos" is up and running, amid much publicity and fanfare. The facility even outdoes similar airports in the U.S. In an independent study of 15 European airports, Athens International Airport ranked first as the best "tourist" airport in Europe, earning an international award in July.  By Christos and Mary Papoutsy

Harvesting The Entrepreneurial Olive Tree
Super-premium value combinations are not the product of luck or timing. Rather, they are the r
esult of a strategic planning process that is rooted in an understanding of the motivations and behaviors of buyers, as well as in the process of creating value to meet their expectations.
By Christos Papoutsy

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