Frederick Elias, the leader and violinist of The Fred Elias Ensemble, is an American of Lebanese heritage. Trained at the Boston Conservatory of Music, he combines his knowledge of Western classical and popular music with Arabic, Greek and Armenian music, His love and appreciation for Arabic music was reinforced through the years by such well-known personalities as Phil Solomon, Anton Abdelehad, Joe Budway, Emile Kassis and Eddie Kochak.

Audiences throughout the world have appreciated Mr. Elias' unsurpassed musical talent, as evidenced by his many stellar appearances. He has played at the Lincoln Center in New York and the Chicago Opera House; he enjoyed a record-breaking two-year engagement in Las Vegas, and he has given command performances for King Saud and Prince Khalid of Saudi Arabia.

In New England, he has also thrilled audiences with his performances at Bishops Restaurant in Lawrence, MA and the famous El Morocco in Worcester, MA. His virtuoso musical improvisations--or taximia--are legendary among musicians, and have been recorded on several recent CD's: the Celebration of Greek Music in America (triple-CD set), Kyklos Musikis (Hellenic & Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra), To Miami and Boca Me Agapi (Hellenic & Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra), and Santouri Taxim (with Christos Papoutsy). For more information about these CD's and their availability, see the Music News and Announcements page of HCS.

More recently, Mr. Elias has served as the musical arranger and co-conductor of the 30-piece Hellenic and Near Eastern Musical Society Orchestra which has performed across the U.S.

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