Also in Headline News Hellenic Voice Inaugurated, Welcomed

Publishers George D. Behrakis, George C. Chryssis, and Arthur G. Koumantzelis have successfully launched a new weekly paper serving the Greek-American community in New England. In early May, the Hellenic Voice presented its inaugural issue, garnering widespread acclaim from a community that has been without a newspaper since the much-loved Hellenic Chronicle closed down operations last year.

Welcoming the Voice, the family that published the now-closed Chronicle extended their congratulations and blessings. Publishers Behrakis, Chryssis and Koumantzelis "have had a long and exemplary record of selfless service to the Hellenic American community and to our beloved Archdiocese," wrote Chronicle editor Nancy Agris Savage in an article for the new paper's inaugural edition. Agris described the Voice publishers as "honorable," with "hearts squarely placed in dedication to America, Greece and Orthodoxy."

A journalist who has penned a book of interviews with accomplished Greek-Americans has been appointed editor of the Voice. Effie Lascarides is the author of Apollo's Legacy: The Hellenic Torch in America at the Dawn of the New Millenium. Lascarides, a native of New York, moved to Athens in her early twenties and worked in business and journalism, becoming a columnist for a regional newspaper serving the Mytilenean communities of Athens, England, and New York. Having returned to America in the late nineties, Lascarides makes her home in Rhode Island.

Father Brendan Pelfrey of the Annunciation Church in Houston, Texas, writes the newspaper's religious column. The paper also includes a recipe corner, a social calendar, and Faces and Places, described by editor Lascarides as "a social, academic, political, cultural, and religious column of events that have taken place relating to Hellenism." Sophia Nibi, familiar to readers of the Greek-American Review, is among the newspaper's contributors, who also include Dr. Elaine Montouris, Chris Janus, and Aurelia.

Recent editions of the Hellenic Voice have included an exclusive article on an Orthodox Theology program being established at Harvard, coverage of developments in Cyprus and Greece, and reports on social and cultural events throughout the New England region. The paper, based in Natick, MA, welcomes letters, press releases, and community news from its readers. Electronic submissions should be sent as e-mail attachments to The preferred format is Microsoft Word. The newspaper's regular mailing address is 209 West Central
Street, Suite 120, Natick, MA 01760.

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