Greek-Born Israeli Citizens Can Re-Obtain Their Greek Citizenship

by Christos Iliopoulos, Esq.

According to a recent Greek law (article 13 of Law No. 4018/2011 – “Restitution of victims of the Holocaust who previously had the Greek citizenship”), valid from 30 September 2011, the citizens of Israel who were born in Greece until 9 May 1945 as Greek citizens, and lost their Greek citizenship for various reasons, are entitled to reinstate themselves as Greek citizens.

The law states that citizens of Israel born in Greece until the 9th of May 1945 who are still in life are granted anew the Greek citizenship, provided they had it in the past by birth and lost it under any circumstances.

This law is the result of recently upgraded relations at various levels between Greece and Israel.

Those who are entitled to get the Greek citizenship under this law can submit their application at the Greek Consulate closest to their residence, supported by documents which prove that they previously had the Greek citizenship.

Such documents are entries from Greek Municipal books of citizens, which state that the applicant was a Greek citizen by birth, and lost his Greek citizenship for various reasons in the past. It can also be an old Greek passport, issued in the name of the applicant.

If the application is approved by the Greek administration, the applicant obtains the Greek citizenship by giving the oath of the Greek citizen at the Consulate of Greece.

The children and grandchildren of those who obtain the citizenship under the law in question, are also entitled to apply for naturalization as Greek citizens.

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(Posting date 07 January 2012. Article submitted to HCS 24 October 2011.)

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