Alphabetical List of Photographs in The Picture Bible of Mani*

Compiled by HCS

Ageranos, castle of captain Tsigurios (Gregory) Grigorakis, nephew of Antonobeis
[five different photos]

Ageranos, ceiling of Xintarakos house

Ageranos, Church of Panagia

Ageranos, coffer at Xintarakos house

Ageranos, manor house of Alitzerinakos

Ageranos, manor house of Xintarakos

Aghia Kiriaki [Aghia Kyriaki or Agia Kiriaki], general view

Aghia Kiriaki, grandmother with goats

Agios Dimitrios, fortress of the captain of Zygos, Christodoulos Christeas

Agios Dimitros, tower of Christeas


Alika, entrance

Alika, house of Lagonika

Alika, tower house

Alypa, seaport of Nyfi [two different photos]

Ano Bularyi [Ano Boularioi], tower of Anemodouras

Arhontiko [Archontiko]

Arhontiko, bridge

Areopoli, Barelakos castle

Areopoli, castle complex of Mavromichalis family

Areopoli, Church of St. John

Areopoli, Church of Taxiarchae built by Mavromichalis family in 1798 [four different photos]

Areopoli, cobblestone street

Areopoli, flocks passing through narrow streets

Areopoli, general view

Areopoli, grandmother Kolokouraina

Areopoli, historic square where declaration of independence against
Turks made in 1821

Areopoli, house of poet Alepis

Areopoli, ladies singing moiroloi or funeral dirges [two different photos]

Areopoli, neighborhood of Mavromichalis family

Areopoli, partial view

Areopoli, picturesque street view

Areopoli, Pikoulakis castle

Areopoli, reenactments of Maniates oath in 1821 [two different photos]

Areopoli, region of Areopoli, with Kouskouni village in background

Areopoli, statue of revolutionary war hero Mavromichalis

Areopoli, the "greengrocer" lady

Areopoli, villagers [four different photos]

Argilia, funeral dirges

Argilia, rocky road [two different pnotos]

Argilias, general view

Argilias, memorial service at Church of St. Theodore

Atsirichas, cave near Tainaro with Kavo Livadis in background

Avrona, Byzantine Church of St. George (13th century)

Bourlarion, Church of St. Stratigos (11th century)

Briki, Byzantine Church of St. George

Briki, tower of Glegle

Briki, tower of Lagoudis family [two different photos]

Charakes [see Harakes]

Charia [see Haria]

Charouda [see Harouda]

Cheimara [Cheimarra, Chimara, and also Himara], stone lintel of Church of
St. Nicholas

Church of Taxiarchis Glezos ( built ca.1050 A.D.)

Demaristika, Pirgaros [two different photos]

Demaristika, settlement

Demaristika, tower

Diros Bay

Diros, caves entrance

Diros, caves interior [twelve different photos]

Doli [Doloi], Church of St. Paraskevi, village of academician Socrates Kougeas

Dryali (Drymos)

Dryalos [Drialos], Church of St. George [two different photos]

Dryalos, monastery of Panagias Faneromenis

Dryalos, tower

Dryalos, tower of Kyriakogona

Erimos, Church of St. Barbara (built ca.1150 A.D.)

Exo Mani, historical tower of Saravas

Exohori [Exochori], with Tseria in distance


Flomochori, partial view

Flomochori, tower residence of Maniatakos family

Flomochori, Uncle Nestor

Gardenitsa, Byzentine Church of Our Savior (11th century)

German, Byzantine Church of St. Nicholas (13th century) [two different photos]

Gerolimena [Yerolimena], neighbors chat

Gerolimena, open air shoe-shop

Gerolimena, partial port view

Gerolimena, sculptur Yiannis Maniatakos with fish catch

Gerolimena, windmill and tower at Kavo Grosso

Gerolimenas, Grandmother Theodorakakos

Gerolimenas, port

Gerolimenas, Uncle Yiannis Pontikakos

Githion [Gytheion] Museum, head of Constantine the Great

Githion Museum, sarcophagus from Kranae Island

Githion Museum, statue of Gaius Julius Euricleous

Githion Museum, trireme model

Githion, partial view of Mavrovuni

Githion, aerial view

Githion, aerial view of Kranae Island

Githion, ancient amphitheatre

Githion, beach at Mavrovuni

Githion, boat repairs

Githion, boy and donkey

Githion, children [three different photos]

Githion, children playing ball

Githion, church of Mavrovuni

Githion, Church of St. George

Githion, elderly woman

Githion, fishermen at stormy port

Githion, fishermen inspect nets [two different photos]

Githion, fishing boat

Githion, general view

Githion, guitarists

Githion, harbor view

Githion, horse-drawn cart

Githion, iconostasis of Mavrovuni church

Githion, lower seacoast road

Githion, New Year's presents [two different photos]

Githion, one of the oldest houses

Githion, photographer Vourlitis poses with distinguished friends

Githion, port view during storm

Githion, quay

Githion, seaside view

Githion, Selinitsa [two different photos]

Githion, sunset at Mavrovuni

Githion, Town Hall and old High School

Githion, upper street

Githion, view of Lagadaki settlement

Githion, wintry seaside view

Harakes [Charakes]

Haria [Charia] [two different photos]

Haria, tower neighborhood

Harouda [Charouda], Byzantine Church of Taxiarchae, built 11th century A.D.
[two different photos]

Harouda, Church of St. Nicholas (built before 9th century A.D.)

Himara [see Chimara]

Itilos [Oitylos or Oitilos or Itylos], Byzantine Church of Our Savior
(built 13th century A.D.)

Itilos, Church of Our Savior interior

Itilos, cobbled streets [two different photos]

Itilos, monastery interior, Iconostasis

Itilos, monastery interior icon of Pantocrator by hagiographer Dimageleas

Itilos, monastery interior, carved Epitafios

Itilos, monastery of Dekoulos (Zoodochos Pigi)

Itilos, monastery of Tsingos

Itilos, partial view

Itilos, tower ruins of Stefanopoulos family

Itilos, general view

Kabos Avias [Kampos Avias]

Kafiona, little shepherd

Kalamata, Mavromichalis helmet at History Museum

Kalamitsi, beach of Kardamyli

Kalmata, Mavromichalis arms at History Museum


Kampos, Mycenean tomb of renowned doctor of antiquity Mahaonas
[two different photos]

Kampos, tower complex and statue of former prime minister Koumoundouros

Kardamili [Kardamyli], "Tombs of Dioskouri"

Kardamili, bell tower of Church of St. Spyridon

Kardamili, door of Church of St. Spyridon

Kardamili, general view

Kardamili, Mourtzinos (Troupakis) palace entrance

Kardamili, old primary school where Kolokotronis learned first lessons

Kardamili, palaces of Mourtzinos (Troupakis)

Kardamili, Tower of Mourtzinos [two different photos]

Kardamili-Kalamata, bridge on old road with Ritsa beach in background

Kariupoli [Karyoupoli or Karioupoli], castle of Fokades

Karvelas, Dimitrakarakos tower residence

Karvelas, general view

Karyovuni [Karyovouni] (also known as Arahova)

Karyovuni (Arahova), tower house

Kastania, Byzantine Church of St. Peter [two different photos]

Kastania, Church of St. John [two different photos]

Kastania, fortress house of Panagiotaros Venetsanakis

Kastania, fortress of captain Constantine Dourakis

Kastania, historical tower of Panagiotaros Venetsanakis

Kastania, western view

Kastania,with distant view of monastery of Panagia the Healer

Kastri near Tainaro


Kavo Grosso, Church of Panagia Odigitria [three different photos]

Kelefa, castle

Kelefa, castle landscape

Kelefa, chapel [two different photos]

Kelefa, chapel interior [two different photos] with worshippers

Kelefa, chapel interior, fresco of St. Sisoi with corpse of Alexander the Great

Keria, Church of St. John (built 13th century A.D.) [four different photos]

Kionia, ruins of ancient Aegila [three different photos]

Kiparissos [Kyparissos], general view

Kiparissos, lady plucking bird

Kiparissos, partial view

Kiparissos, road [two different photos]

Kiparissos, rod fishing

Kiparissos, ruins

Kiparissos, ruins of 6th century Christian basilica

Kitries, font of St. Constantine Church

Kitries, historical Church of St. Constantine

Koita [Kita] (also known as Tourloti), Church of Sts. Stergios, Vakchos, and George
(built 1150 A.D.)

Koita, child walking barefoot on rocks

Koita, Church of St. George

Koita, stone window decoration

Koita, tower of Dikaios Vagiakakos

Koita, tower of Lazarongona

Koita, view of towers [three different photos]


Kokkala, Father Melas after Liturgy

Kokkala, Marathos beach

Kokkina Luria [Kokkina Louria]

Kokkina Louria, castle of Rongon Koumoundourakis

Korakianika, fig harvesting


Korogonianika, carding wool

Korogonianika, general view

Koskaraka, bridge

Kotrona, ancient megalithic construction

Kotrona, monastery of Transfiguration of Our Lord

Kotrona, pyrgos of Demesticha family

Kotrona, Stone beehives near monastery of the Trarnsfiguration of Our Lord

Kotrona, tower residence (pyrgos)

Kotrona, view of fiords

Kotrona. general view

Kunos [Kounos], tower of Papadongona

Kunos, general view

Kouskouni, Church

Kranae Island, aerial view

Kranae Island, aerial view during storm

Kranae Island, Grigorakis tower before restoration

Kranae Island, lighthouse

Kranae Island, restored Grigorakis tower

Kranae Island, view during storm

Kranae Island, view from Kumaro

Kranae Island, view of crashing surf

Lagada [Lagkada]

Lagada, Byzantine Church of Our Savior

Lagada, mansion of Kiskira

Lagada, Post-Byzantine Churc of Our Savior

Lagada, tower of Kapitsinos

Lagia [Layia], Dekoulakos tower

Lagia, general view

Lagia, partial view

Lagia, small church [two different photos]

Lagia, stone reliefs [two different photos]

Lagia, tower [two different photos]

Lagia, towers of Vougiouklakis family [two different photos]

Limeni, birthplace of Mavromichalis family

Limeni, bust of Petrobei Mavromichalis

Limeni, excursion of high school children [two different photos]

Limeni, Mavromichalis palace post restoration

Limeni, palace of Mavromichalis family before restoration

Lukadika [Loukadika] [two different photos]

Makrinaros, Church of St. George

Makrinaros, going home after Church

Makrinaros, megalithic structure

Makrinaros, photographer Vourlitis rock-climbing

Makrinaros [Makrynaro], village lunch after Divine Liturgy at St. George

Mani, child climbing rock wall

Mani, donkey ride

Mani, donkeys wait while ladies chat

Mani, grandmother in her home

Mani, net-mending

Mani, villager returning home

Mani, woman spinning wool

Maratheas, post-Byzantine church of Panagia

Marmari, natural port [three different photos]

Mavrovuni [Mavrovouni], castle of Starogiannis

Mavrovuni, castle-mansion of Georgis Georgakis

Mavrovuni, ruins of Tzannibei palace [two different photos]


Mesa Mani, collaborative salt collection

Mezapo, Church of Episkopi (built12th century A.D.)

Mezapo, Church of Episkopi, interior

Mezapo, Church of Vlacherna (built12th century A.D.)

Mezapos, woman washing wool

Mili [Myloi], seaside tower of Kapetanakis family


Milia, bell tower of Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior


Mina, tower

Mina, tower of Leotsarakos [two different photos]

Mundanistika [Moundanistika or Mountanistika], tower house of
academician Stamatakos


Mundanistika, landscape

Mt. Sangias, view from Xifarianika

Mt. Taygetus

Mt. Taygetus, monastery of Panagia the Healer [two different photos]

Myloi [see Mili]

Myrsini (Panitsa)

Myrsini (Panitsa), Damianakos tower

Neos Itilos [Neos Oitylos], beach

Niohori [Niochori], view of Stoupa, hill of Lefktro and Frankish castle Beaufort

Nomia, girl hunting

Nomia, ladies gather

Nomia, old oil press

Nomia, ruined house

Nomia, tower of Mesisklis family

Nomia, wall relief of Church of Holy Trinity

Nomia, woman spinning wool

Nomitsi, ladies weaving straw hats

Nomitsi, public fountain

Nomitsi, walled relief at fountain

Nyfi [Nifi], lady washing sheep wool using paddle

Nyfi, monastery of Kournou [two different photos]

Nyfi, view of Outer Nyfi

Nyfi, village ladies

Nyfi, village wedding

Nyfi, war towers

Nyfi, young woman of Mani working hand mill

Ohia [Ochia], Church of St. Nicholas (built ca.1100 A.D.)

Ohia, flocks near village

Ohia, mother and child pray

Ohia, tower neighborhood

Oitylo [see Itilos]

Pahianika [Pachianika], upper and lower villages

Pagia [Pagkia], tower neighborhood

Pagia, tower of Panagis Kirimis the stonemason

Paliro [Paliro], Kassis family makes paddles

Paliro, lady at loom

Paliro, lady working hand mill

Paliro, narrow rocky entrance

Paliro, village view

Paliro, villagers gather [two different photos]

Paliro, working oil press [three different photos]

Pano Kareas, plane tree

Passava, castle wall with distant view of Malevri and Mt. Taygetus

Passava, natural mountain pass

Peetrina, partial view

Petrina, Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

Petrina, picturesque landscape

Pilala, Kontakos tower

Pilala, mansions and tower of Hatzakos family [two different photos]

Pirgos Dirou

Pirgos Dirou, Fourniata, tower complex of Sklavounakos

Pirgos Dirou, Fourniata, tower of Sklavounakos


Platsa, Church of St. Nicholas at Kabinari

Porto Kajo [Porto Kayio or Porto Kagio]

Porto Kajo, castle

Prastosva, villagers converse

Proastio [Proasteio] (also known as Prastio), Melissinos family fountain


Rintomo, natural gorge

Saidona, castle of captain Androuvista Kitriniaris

Saidona, monastery of Panagia Vaidenitsa

Selegudi [Selegoudi]


Skopa Island

Skopa Island, Church of St. Nicholas

Skopa Island, stone reliefs in walls of St. Nicholas

Skutari [Skoutari]

Skutari, Byzantine Church of St. Barbara (built ca.12th century A.D.)

Skutari, iconostasis of Post-Byzantine Church of St. John

Skutari, pyrgos of Kalkantis family

Spira [Speira]

St. Athanasios, ladies gather for conversation

St. George, megalithic chapel

St. George, tower of Voudiklaris

St. Kyprianos [St. Cyprianos or St. Kiprianos]

St. Nicholas (Selinitsa)

St. Nicholas, with Mt. Taygetus and castle of Bardounia in background

Stavri, grain threshing

Stavri, harvest time


Stoupa, beach where Kazantzakis wrote "Zorba the Greek"

Tenaro [Tainaro]

Tenaro, ancient mosaic floor

Tenaro, Church of Agii Asomati

Tenaro, lighthouse

Tenaro, sculptor Michalis Kassis next to enormous rock formation

Tenaro, the cave of Hades

Tenaro, unusual rock formation

Tenaro, view of Gisternes

Thalames (Koutifari), Byzantine Church of Prophet Elias

Trikotsova (Charavgi), castle fortress of captain Georgakis Kapetanakis
[three different photos]


Tsikkalia, tower of Grigorakos

Tzesfina, castle tower of Stathakos [three different photos]

Vahos [Vachos]

Vamvaka, Church of SS. Theodore (built 1075 A.D.)

Vamvaka, tower of Nikolinakos

Vatheia, ancient stone relief

Vathia, general view [three different photos]

Vathia, grandmother working spindle inside tower

Vathia, quail-hunting [four different photos]

Vathia, tower of Fikardos the poet

Vathia, western view

Verga (of Almiros), general view

Verga (of Almiros), monument and historical fortress [two different photos]

Yerolimena [see Gerolimena]

Zarnata, castle tower

*Although this list is extensive, it may not be comprehensive, since there is no index of photographs in the album. HCS has attempted to list as many geographical locations depicted in the album as possible. There were a number of photographs of individuals who were identified in the captions, but these have not been included in the list of geographical places. Items in parentheses represent information presented by the publishers of the album; items in brackets have been supplied by HCS publishers for the benefit of Internet readers, particularly those unfamiliar with Greek geographical names and transliteration into English. Wherever possible, multiple shots of the same location, particularly those having a similar subject or view, have been noted in brackets following the geographical name. Note, too, that HCS publishers have offered (also in brackets) alternate English spellings of many locations to aid readers in identifying places that may have connections to their families. Any errors or inadvertent omissions from the list are
the responsibility of Hellenic Communication Service.

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