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Fig. 1: Location of Skerki Bank Deep Sea Archaeological Project. Black lines indicate original exploration in 1988 by the R/V Starella. Depth is in meters.

Fig. 2: ROV Jason, holding amphora in its robotic arm over the "Isis" shipwreck. (Photo: Quest Group Ltd.)

Fig. 3: Photomosaic of Skerki Wreck D found at depth of c. 800 m, looking north. First half of first century B.C. (Photo: Institute for Exploration/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).

Fig. 4: Selection of artifacts lifted from Wreck D. Dressel IB (Will Type 4b) are at top.

Fig. 5: Photomosaic of Skerki Wreck F found at depth of c.800 m, looking N. Mid-first century A.D.

Fig. 6: Selection of artifacts recovered from Wreck F. (Photo: M. Hamilton).

Fig. 7: Plan of "Isis" wreck site. E. Paul Oberlander.

Fig. 8: Selection of artifacts recovered from "Isis". (Photo: J. Porteous and T. Kleindinst).

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