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On Wednesday November 8, a group of well-known professionals gathered in Walker Auditorium to discuss the problem of the loss of public trust in corporate governance. The presenters included Paul Brountas, Peter Worrell, Christos Papoutsy, and Annabel Beerel.

Paul Brountas described why the public distrusts corporate America. He set forth examples of corporate scandals to accentuate his point. Some of the problems with corporate governance is "excessive executive compensation" and "backdating of stock options", Brountas pointed

Public Trust Panel visits SNHU during Transparency Series
From Left to (R) Paul Brountas, Dr. Annabel Beerel,
Chris Papoutsy, Peter Worrell

out. Without a good board even the best CEO cannot make a good company as well as visa versa. Brountas wrapped up his speech with the Twelve Precepts for Directors and the Five I's.

Christos Papoutsy talked largely about the commonsense approach to corporate governance. This approach is based on four basic principals: Institutionalization, solid business practices, a company of citizens, and checks and balances. All of these principals are present in the US government.

Peter Worrell delved into the issue of investment banking. His large points were "It's all about capital" and the fact that investment banking already has ethical dilemmas. He also talked about time and effort economy vs. value creating economy. Worrell used examples including the White Mountain furniture case to bring out his point.

Annabel Beerel spent her speech on ethics and where its starts. Her point is that if a company has ethical management then it will have more ethical employees. She described in great length how to create an ethical environment all coming down to trust. She also described her theory for corporate governance called the Systems Theory.

The event lasted about two hours and had a question and answer session at the end. All of the presenters were welcomed warmly and there was even a photographer from CNN in attendance.

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The Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethic at Southern New Hampshire University Restoring Public Trust

Posting date 13 December 2006)

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