Downloadable Repository of Old Greek Music Records

The Greek Songs of Yesterday

The songs heard in these records were recorded in the 1920s - 1950s and give the best example of the artists of that time. The orchestras and singers were at their best. Although most of the artists are now deceased their music can now live on because some collectors have preserved the old recordings - through special techniques they are brought to you in perfect sound - whether you just listen or dance these songs should bring back memories for the older folks - and provide a fine example of older Greek music for the younger ones.

The Hellenic & Near Eastern Musical Society has received contributions of hundreds of old Greek 78, 45 and LP records primarily covering the time frame of 1920 - 1950.

This archival repository of Greek folk music was created in order to preserve and safe-guard these cultural treasuries.

Individuals who have made major contributions towards this archival of Greek Musical treasures are listed below:

Christos & Mary Papoutsy

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Metropolis

Mr. Larry Kontos

Mr. George Siganos

To those who have contributed to the is Greek musical archive we extend our sincere thanks and quote the noted Greek poet Kostis Palamas, "The ancient Greeks imbued music with meaning. For them, poetry was music, philosophy was music - the highest form of music; everything that systematically and harmoniously shapes life was music; every refinement of the soul was music."
Posting date May 2007)

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