The St. Nicholas, Christos and Mary Papousty Chapel, Park, Amphitheater and Heritage Camp Nears Completion

During the summer of 2007 a large group of Greek students from the Athens area camped out at the Vatoussa Park-Amphitheater. The camp program was organized by the Greek Camp Guides Association of Greece, under the leadership and direction of Ms. Olympia Tsamasfgra.

The large of campers set up their tents at the Park-Amphitheater site and constructed a cobble-stone path in the park area and performed a theatrical play "Fafsta". They also worked diligently to clean up and embellish the road from the lower square of Vatoussa village to the Amphitheater Park. These dedicated, talented campers also spent considerable time conserving and archiving numerous objects at the Vatoussa Folklore Museum.

Click here to read the letter from the camp organizers and a number of photographs of the Amphi-theater Park and some of the activities.

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(Posting date 18 October 2007)

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