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Note to researchers: Surnames may be cross-listed under village/city, county, prefecture or province, and region of origin (also diaspora communities), making queries more effective. Multiple listings take advantage of close village and regional associations, relationships so integral to Hellenic culture; persons from the same village or area may possess knowledge of the target family.

The political organization of the Greek countryside has changed dramatically over the last few years in response to fiscal belt-tightening. Many former municipalities (dimoi) and eparchies, among other self-governing administrative units, now find themselves integrated into larger adminstrative areas. Our queries pages were designed while Greece was following the Kapodistria administrative plan, allowing for many more small and self-governing bodies. Since that time, the Kallikrates plan has been implemented. Nevertheless, we will continue to post queries as though the Kapodistria plan were still in effect, unless we see clear evidence that implementation of the Kallikrates plan will not be reversed in the next couple of years and unless we see evidence of a type of redistricting.

Thus far, most of the changes that have taken place are simply downgradings of the level of self-government. For example, a former village with its own self-governing village council, has now probably become a municipal precinct with just an advisory body or a council with diminished decision-making capability. Likewise, an independent municipality may now seen as a precinct within the larger prefecture. Administrative decision-making has, in effect, been bumped up the chain of organization as the status of each level of administration has been downgraded. And this means that the relationship of a small village to surrounding larger towns and cities has been rather preserved, with changes made only to the level of decision-making (and of course, to the level of funding). As of December 2012, we have seen very few instances of re-organization of villages and cities, a re-combining of these units into new groupings, i.e., changing the relationship of a village with its former municipal seat to become a member of a different municipality or municipal district. If reorganization of the queries should be necessary as a result of marked changes in Greece, we will continue to follow our philosophy of cross-listing queries in as many administrative units as possible.
---12 December 2012, edd

DRAMAS (Dramas, Dramas, Makedonias)--LEONAS/LEONIDAS, Thomas. Seeking info on a Thomas, poss surname LEONAS/LEONIDAS, owner Triangle Restaurant in Clevelent, Ohio, USA early 1920's-30's, bpl Drama, bro James liv Chicago. Contact Carol Nicolai (Leonas): email to carolncl@aol.com; postal mail to 7305 Players Club Drive, Concord Township, Ohio 44077 USA.

EPIDAVROU LIMIRAS (Elea/Elia, Molai, Lakonias)--CATELANAKIS.Seek any info on Demetrios and Panagiota MAROUSIS, b 1873, bpl Pakia, Lakonias, d 1934, mar Panagiota CATELANAKIS b 1874 bpl Elia (Elea?), Lakonias, d 1956. Contact Peter Maroosis: email Spartan300@verison.net.

EPIDAVROU LIMIRAS (Ieraka, Lakonias, Peloponnesou)-- LAZARAKIS, Manolis. Seek any info par, sib, anc, or fam. B abt 1889 in Ieraka (Epidavrou Limiras, Lakonias, Peloponnesou). F Constantinos LAZARAKIS, r Ieraka in 1908. Contact Gina McCoy: email to gmnahant@yahoo.com; postal mail 267 Nahant Rd., Nahant, MA 01908 USA.

EPIDAVROU LIMIRAS (Pakia, Molai, Lakonias, Peloponnesou)--MAROUSIS. Seek any info on Demetrios and Panagiota MAROUSIS, b 1873, bpl Pakia, Lakonias, d 1934, mar Panagiota CATELANAKIS b 1874 bpl Elia (Elea?), Lakonias, d 1956. Contact Peter Maroosis: email Spartan300@verison.net.

ERMIONI (Ermioni, Argolida, Peloponnesou)--KATSORES. Seek par, sib of Apostolos KATSORES (Kachoris in USA), a fisherman orig from Ermioni, Greece. Son Ioannis Apostolou KATSORES (John Kachoris). Apostolos left Ermioni for Marmari, Evias where he mar and settled. Fam today somewhere in New York. Contact Paul Kachoris: email PJKACHORIS@aol.com. [20 June 2011].

GORTINIAS (Zatouna, Dimitsanas, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)--PANDALEON/PANTELEON. Seek any info on this surname, orig from Zatouna and thought to have mov to Smyrna in 1800's. Contact Alec Andrew Pandaleon: email to AAP3RD@hotmail.com; postal mail to Alec Andrew at 7 North Shanks Rd., Clinton Corners, NY 12514 USA.

GORTINIAS (Kontovazaina, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)-- RAPAKOULIAS, Miltiades. Seek any info. Arr US abt 1910, b abt 1870, bpl Kontovazaina (Gortinias, Arkadias, Peloponnesou), m Eleni, had one dau, f and m Haralambos and Maritza. Last known US residence Santa Monica, CA abt 1920-21. Contact Venus Corlew-Bubeck: email to venusthesecond@cox.net; postal mail to 4777 Dalea Place, Oceanside, CA 92057 USA.

GORTINIAS (Vyzikion, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)--TOPINTZIS / TOPINTZI / TOPITSIS. Seek other Americans with this surname originating from Vyzikion, Gortinias, Arkadias, Peloponnesos. One member of this clan, TOPINTZIS, Konstantin P., arr in Milwaukee, WI (US) in 1896, followed by several bro shortly afterward. Contact Charles J. Topetzes: email to chucktop03@aol.com; postal mail to Charles J. Topetzes, 722 Wallington Court, NW, Liburn, Georgia 30047 USA.

GYTHEIOU (Parasyrou, Dimou Skoutariou, Gytheiou, Lakonias, Peloponnesou)--DEMERIS/GOUDOUROS/MIHALAKAKOS. Seek obit and desc of Alexandra Goudouros Mihalakakos Demeris, b 1903 Parasyro (Skoutariou, Gytheiou, Lakonias, Peloponnesou) em to US early 1900s, d Feb 1981, buried Los Angeles Co, par Dimitri Mihalakakos and Fotini Scandalarou. Contact M. Papoutsy: email HellasGenealogy@papcoholdings.org .

ISTIAIAS (Oreoi, Evvoias, Stereas Elladas & Evvoias)-- AVLAHIOTES, John and Malama. Seek any info, prob from Oreoi (Istiaias, Evvoias, Stereas Ellados & Evvoias). Contact John Avlas: email to johnjava@aol.com; postal mail to 47 Castle Drive, Hooksett, NH 03106 USA.

KARYSTIAS (Marmari, Evvoias, Stereas Elladas & Evvoias)--MAMAS, Marina and Sofia. Seek any info. These two sis were d of Zihos & Maria MAMAS, prob. b Mamari (Karystias, Evias, Sterea Ellada). Older sis Demetra (Toula) m US citizen in Evia, em to US, d 1992. MAMAS fam owned Antonia's Restaurant in 1957 on Evia. Please contact Maria Rethman: email to tmrethman@gmail.com; postal mail to 800 Lee Circle, Paris, TX 75462 USA [13 Apr 2009].

KYDONIAS (Campani [Kambani], Akrotiris, Kritis)--KOUNDEKADAKIS / CODEKAS, Vassilios [Basil]. Searching for information about poss involvement with salmon fishing industry in American Pacific Northwest and poss mar to Native American. Born 22 Dec 1864 in Campani [Kambani], Crete [Dimos Akrotiri, Eparchia Kydonia, Nomos Chania], left Piraeus 16 Nov 1887 for Smirni [Smyrna], d 10 April 1936, dpl Portland, OR. Please contact Theora Sfamas Drakos: email to doree@cox.net; postal mail to 428 E. Brook Hollow Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85022-3693 USA [13 Apr 2009].

KYNOURIAS (Agios Vasileios, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)--KOUSOULAS, Vasilios and Eleni. Seek US desc. One known son KOUSOULAS/KUSULAS, Spiros, b 20 Mar 1897, bpl Agios Vasilis (Kynourias, Arkadias, Peloponnesou). Contact Elaine Kusulas: email to e.kusulas@att.net.

KYNOURIAS (Agios Petros, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)-- KALLITSIS/KALLICHES. Seek par/sib of Maria Kallitsis/Kalliches b abt 1865, Ag. Petros (Kynourias, Arkadias, Peloponnesou), mar Giorgios Lekouses/Likoussis/Lykoussis, b Ag. Petros, ch: Efstathios, Sarantos, Panayiotis, Konstantinos, Eleni, and Athanasios. Bro of Maria was George Kallechey b 1869, Ag Petros, m in USA Despo Mouyeos, b 1887. F? Panayiotis Kallitsis of Ag Petros, b abt 1845. Bro? Theodore Kallitsis/Callichy b abt 1860 Ag Petros (Kynourias), m Kaliope Protoppas, ch: Peter [Panayiotis?] b 1883 Ag Petros; Maria; Eleni; Rigina, b abt 1885, em to US 1911; Soterios b 1896 Ag Petros. Contact M. Papoutsy: email HellasGenealogy@papcoholdings.org .

KYNOURIAS (Aghios Petros, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)--KALLITSIS/KALLICHES. Seek info on Athanasios KALLITSIS/KALLICHES, bpl Ag. Petros [Kynourias, Arkadias], bd 12/23 1890s.Contact Jesse McFarland: postal mail to 1129 Wolcott St., 7-6, Waterbury, CT 06705 USA.

KYNOURIAS (Agios Petros, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)--KALLITSIS/CALITSIS. Seek par/sib of Athanasios Calitsis, b abt 1888 Ag Petros (Kynourias, Arkadias, Peloponnesou) single upon arr in U.S. on 2 Mar 1907, bro? Soterios Calitsis of PO Box 517 Reading, MA in Mar 1907. Contact M. Papoutsy: email HellasGenealogy@papcoholdings.org .

KYNOURIAS (Agios Petros, Arkadias, Peloponnesou)--KALLITSIS/CALITSIS. Seek par/sib of Photios Calitsis, presumably from Ag Petros (Kynourias, Arkadias, Peloponnesou) addr in US Mar 1907 was 144 Stuyvent St., New Rochelle, New York. Contact M. Papoutsy: email HellasGenealogy@papcoholdings.org .

MESSINIS (Meligala, Messinias, Peloponnesou)--KIRKILES, James/Demetrios and Stavroula. Seek sib, par, anc of James and Stavroula. Both prob b Meligala (Messinis, Messinias, Peloponnesou). Stavroula arr US 1921, b abt 1900, unc Panayiotis KIRKILIS in Meligala in 1921. Contact John Avlas: email to johnjava@aol.com; postal mail to 47 Castle Drive, Hooksett, NH 03106 USA.

MYTILINIS (Mytilinis, Lesvou, Aigaiou)--KOUFELIS, Dimitrios. Seek any information on sibl and fam origins. Went to Mytilini in 1922 from Aivali. Originally from Odessa. Daughter Myrsini KOUFELI, born in 1916. Contact Dr. A. Papakonstadinou in Dublin, Ireland: email to wernerpapa@yahoo.co.uk

MYTILINIS (Mytilinis, Lesvou, Aigaiou)--SIMERGEKIS, Hristos/Christos. Seek info on par, sib, anc, or fam. B abt 1890, bpl Tsantali, Turkey. Liv in Mytilini (Lesvos). Sis, Stavroula; bro-law, Efstrathios DIAMANT. Contact Lloyd Spencer of Woodinville, Washington (state): email to lloyd_spencer@hotmail.com.

PATRAS (Patras, Achaias)--DROSSOPOULOS, Vasilli. Any info on Vasilli b abt 1850-1900 in Patra, mo name Eleni and fa name Nikolaos. No sibs. Educated in UK and then worked in Africa until 1WW. Then lived in Athens where d abt1950's. Contact Pauline Drossopoulou-Kominou: email to p_komninou@hotmail.com.

POGONI[O] (Orino-Xirovaltou, Ioanninon, Epirus)--BOUDRIS / VOUDRIS. Seek any info on this surname 1890-1960 from village Xirovalto-Oreino [Orino Xirovaltou] in eparchia Pogoni[o] of nomos Ioanninon (Epirus). Contact John Pagopoulos: postal mail 46 Themistokleous Str., Neo Psychiko, 154 51 Athens, Greece; email to ipago@tee.gr

POGONI[O] (Orino-Xirovaltou, Ioanninon, Epirus)--VOUDRIS / BOUDRIS. Seek any info on this surname 1890-1960 from village Xirovalto-Oreino [Orino Xirovaltou] in eparchia Pogoni[o] of nomos Ioanninon (Epirus). Contact John Pagopoulos: postal mail 46 Themistokleous Str., Neo Psychiko, 154 51 Athens, Greece; email to ipago@tee.gr

SERRON (Serres, Serron, Serron, Makedonias)-- LAVRANOS, Gerasimos and Constantin. Seek any info abt Gerasimos LAVRANOS, Greek Army Genearl WWI and Greek Civil War, and s Constantin LAVRANOS, b 25 Mar 1928, bpl Serres (Serron, Serron, Makedonias), Greece. Contact Bob Judd: email to rjudd023@earthlink.net; postal mail to PO Box 396, Pleasant Valley, CT 06063 USA.

SERRON (Neou Skopou, Serron, Makedonias)--MAVRIKOS / MAVRICOS, Anastasios. Removed from Turkey in population exchange of 1922 to Neos Skopos, north of Seres. Seek name of ancestral town in Turkey. Contact Arthur Cambouris: email to arthur.cambouris@nypa.gov; postal mail to 300 Cental Park West, New York, New York 10024 USA

SPARTIS (Lakonias, Peloponnesou)--THEOFILOS/THEOFIELD, Peter. Seek ancestry and living family. B 18 Mar 1873 in Sparta, Lakonia, Greece, em to Yonkers, New York, USA ca 1899, mov to Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA ca 1914. Was grocer and candy maker; d 9 Jul 1967. Had bro Christopher. Contact Christine Thompson: email thompchristine@aol.com; postal mail to 2753 Sams Creek Rd., New Windsor, MD 21776 USA

TRIFYLIAS (Gargalianoi, Messinias, Peloponnesou)--FARFARAS, Spiros. Seek anc. B abt 1886 at Gargalianoi (Trifylias, Messinias, Peloponnesou), arr US 1914 with w Anastasia b abt 1889 and with s Andreas. F John, r Gargalianoi in 1914. Cou CARDAS, Christos, r Peabody, MA 1914. Contact Peter and Phyllis Farfares: email to phyllis90@aol.com; postal mail to 10 Wellington Lane Ave., Lexington, MA 02421-7110 USA.

VOLO (Magnisias, Thessalias)--DIKOS. Seek obit and info of George/Yorgo DIKOS (s/o George Panagiotis Dikos and Xenny Giantana Dicou) b 22 Nov 1943, Volos, Greece. d 18 or 19 Aug 2002. dpl New York City, USA. Sis Ria Doura, last r in Pagrati, Athens. Mo last r Krisila 43 #2, Pagrati, Athens, Greece. Contact Sharon Rolzin: email ampersand@rof.net; postal mail to P.O. Box 1796, Basalt, CO 81621 USA.

Abbreviations for Genealogical Queries Following Formats
Used by National Genealogical

aka=also known as
Co=County (of the
United States)
d/o=daughter of
dpl=death place
m1=married first
s/o=son of

Additional Abbreviations Developed by HHGA

kmb=koumbaros (best man)
kmba=koumbara (matron, maid of honor)
GOC=Greek Orthodox Church
Fr=Father (Reverend)
parat=paratsoukli (family nickname)
Ag=Aghios/ia (Saint)

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