New Book on Ethics, CSR, & Sustainability

RYE, NH--Running a business in today’s world is challenging. Not only must companies succeed economically, they must also weigh environmental and social issues, and strive to conduct business in an ethical manner. A new book offers answers on achieving this balance--answers that are rooted in the philosophies of Classical Greece.

“Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability: An Aristotelian Vision, Mission, and Strategy for the Global Economy and a Sustainable Planet” by Christos Papoutsy of Rye, NH, provides practical information on business ethics geared to today’s dynamic business world. However, Papoutsy illustrates that Classical philosophies clearly have a place in corporate culture, providing a strong basis for many complex business decisions. He explores the four Aristotelian Virtues (Wisdom, Courage, Self-Control and Justice) and makes the case for each one’s influence on corporate thinking. Similarly, the Greek spirit of “Eudamonia,” an Aristotelian concept that considers the material and spiritual well-being of the entire community, can be incorporated into corporate planning and philosophy.

Papoutsy, a successful, semi-retired business executive, has lectured on business ethics around the world. Based on his experience, businesses and business students will learn what constitutes ethical and unethical practices in business at the individual, group, organizational, global, and multinational levels; they will also gain practical ways for understanding and applying ethical reasoning in the marketplace and at work.

“Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability” also offers universal guidelines on strategies, choosing a professional board, establishing sound oversight practices, and being a good environmental neighbor. It examines issues facing companies today, and provides fact-based guidance on how to develop an ethical, socially-responsible company that is committed to sustaining the planet.

“Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability” has already been made required reading in Southern New Hampshire University’s Responsible Corporate Leadership class.

During his career, Papoutsy led thousands of employees worldwide and developed his company into a global leader in the electronics industry. He is a business graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, and later pursued post-degree studies at Harvard University in law, mediation, and psychology. In 1991, he received an honorary Doctor of Law degree from his alma mater. Papoutsy has lectured on business and business ethics at universities and educational institutions in Europe and the United States, including Oxford University, Dartmouth College, the University of New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University, and The American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce in Athens, Greece. With his wife, Mary, he is the founder of the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics at Southern New Hampshire University.

“Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability” can be ordered from Simply visit the web site, and in the “Search” window, enter the title of the book. Ordering information will drop down from there. Book price is $35.00 U.S. plus shipping. All major credit cards are accepted.

Papoutsy is available for book signings and a specially designed one-hour Power Point lecture covering all key points of this new book. To schedule a book signing or lecture, contact Melissa Dickinson at (603) 379-8140, or via e-mail at

(Posting date 8 April 2008)

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