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This book reveals the true heroes of Smyrna, forgotten by history. It's based on more than ten years of research by the Papoutsys who travelled around the globe to document the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Greek refugees on the Smyrna quay in September 1922. After more than a decade of preparation, this book discloses surprising answers, and previously unpublished photos, exhibits, naval war diaries and captains' logs.

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Ships of Mercy, the Smyrna Rescue Story,Goes Global [11 May 2008]
World Publications is pleased to announce new contracts between Christos Papoutsy and prestigious publishing houses in Athens, Greece and in Burleigh, Australia to meet global demand for the author's book about Smyrna. Read full text.

ISBN: 9781913807661
Hardcover: 280pp; Price $30.00

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(Posting date 26 June 2008)

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